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Ryeowook praises Luna’s debut performance in “Legally Blonde”

Last night, curtains rose for f(x) Luna’s debut starring role as Elle Woods in the musical “Legally Blonde.” Many of SMTown’s artists all wished the rising star the best of luck in a video recorded message after the SMTown concert in Tokyo last week.

Super Junior’s Ryeowook showed up to the opening night to cheer his fellow label-mate on. In a recent tweet, one of Super Junior’s lead singers praised the young vocalist from f(x) on her first stage of the musical. “The stage presence, vocal ability and acting ability were all so great that it didn’t seem like they were from an 18 year old girl. All the seats were full! She cried so much when she was done after all the tension left her ㅜ She must have been so stressed, f(x) Luna!!! You did very well. Fighting today as well >∇<”

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She will continue her run for “Legally Blonde” until March 20th. f(x) will also release a new OST for “Puzzle Bubble” on the 8th of this month. Luna will also prepare for the comeback of the 5-member f(x) with a new album.

Congratulations to Luna! Best of luck to her in “Legally Blonde” and with her jam packed schedule in the coming months.

Source: Sujuism

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