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Han Geng Does Not Encourage Friends To Enter Entertainment Industry

• Han Geng Wishes His Parents Good Health.

Super Junior former member Han Geng was in Hong Kong for a signing event of his concept book and first ever fans meeting. During the two events, he repeatedly told fans not to spend too much money buying gifts for him, but to give to charity. When he was little, he could not give to charity although he wanted to because he was not from a wealthy family. Therefore after debut, he always looks for opportunities to give back to society.

He expressed that he feels particularly great every time he receives pictures and receipts of his fans giving to charity. “I move up slowly from the lower stratum of society and understand how important it is to receive attention from society. Every time when I see the smiles from those who receive help, not only do I feel pleased, I also feel especially happy.” Han Geng revealed that he previously donated one half of his net worth (about RMB40,000-50,000) to charity. Although it was not a large amount, but at least he did what he could do at the time.

Get Yelled At By Parents For Buying Presents

After going solo, Han Geng needs to fly in and out of town even though he spends more time in China. He does not have much time to be with his parents. Fortunately, his parents understand the nature of his work and hardly complain about it. Han Geng said that whenever he has time, he will go home for dinner, chat and watch TV with his parents. He is satisfied with this simple lifestyle. “Although sometimes I want to travel abroad with my parents, but firstly it’s hard to fit in our schedule, and secondly, my parents do not want to spend that much money. So we have not done it yet. Sometimes when he wants to buy presents for his parents, he has to have bought the presents before getting approval.” (T/N: act first report later situation) He usually buys them health supplements for their good health, jewelry for his mother, clothes and shoes for his father. But there are times when his father yells at him, “you must be crazy” when his father finds out how expensive the shoes are. He laughed, “had explained to my parents before that I could afford these now and wanted them to have a good life. But they always have all kinds of reasons to deter me from buying.” The Year of Rabbit is approaching, Han Geng hoped that they get well soon because his parents’ health are not that good and live happily every day.

Reach 30 Years Old Will Then Think About Marriage

During the fans meeting, a fan asked when he will get married. Han Geng felt that he is still young, only 27 years old. Career is his priority now. When he reaches 30, he will then think about marriage. During the past 5 years after debut, Han Geng has experienced a lot of ups and downs. He said, “(Because) I choose this path, every step of the way I have no regrets.” The source for his persistence is his father’s teaching. His father taught him that no matter what he chooses to do, right or wrong, he needs to take the consequence and not to regret. However, if he has friends who want to get into the entertainment industry, Han Geng immediately shook his head, “Too tired, talk about it later. I will tell them not to do it for fear they will take away jobs from me.” Although Han Geng does not want to share the key to his success, but it could be because he knows the bitterness in this business that he is rather not willing to see his friends experience the same hardships as him.

Source: Wen Wei Po
Shared by: babyskullhead@geng-bao.net
Tanslated by: hannie@geng-bao.net
Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
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