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Super Junior Lee Teuk Shows Off His Singing Skills

Suju’s Leeteuk shows his hidden singing skills.

On MBC’s ‘Sunday Sunday night- Enjoy Today’(오즐) which was aired on the 23rd of January, a ballad release competition was held. Leeteuk who was in the competition showed off his hidden singing talent and received the highest score of 35.

Before Leeteuk started to sing his song, Wheesung who was one of the judges told about how he saw Leeteuk singing Im Chang Jeong’s song and practicing hard in the bathroom.

Unlike the usual sides he has shown on variety shows, he showed a very serious and sincere side of him while singing. He was also stable when hitting the high notes, and after Leeteuk’s song finished, starting from composer Kim Hyung Suk he received many compliments such as “ It was something more than we expected”.

Jo Young Su, Wheesung and other judges complimented him with many positive points such as saying, “he broke away the prejudice about him being an idol singer and sang very well”. As a result, the judges gave him a high score of 35, making him the first place amongst the ‘오즐’ members.

On the other hand, after Leeteuk left the room. Judges could not stop complimenting about Leeteuk saying “ I was shocked because of how good he was”. Wheesung replied “I told you he is good” as a reply. Wheesung also told the other judges about how he and Leeteuk has a relation. He told them “ During Leeteuk’s trainee days, he had many thoughts and frights/worries about him debuting, he also worked really hard”.

After the audiences watched Leeteuk singing their reactions were like “ He is sooooo good in singing !!”,” Variety and singing is Leeteuk !”,” If you haven’t seen Leeteuk sing, don’t even say anything. Ah this is just awesome” etc.. Like this, they expressed their endless compliments.

Source: Newsen
Korean to English Translation by: teukiebiased @ Angeleeteuk.com


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