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Leeteuk opposed his sister’s debut as an actress because she wasn’t pretty enough?

Recently on an episode of Strong Heart, Leeteuk revealed the reason why he was against his sister’s debut as an actress.

Park Inyoung, Leeteuk’s sister, stated that after she came back from studying abroad in New Zealand, she decided to pursue acting.

However, not only was her mother against it, apparently her brother was against it as well.

Leeteuk replied by declaring that although she was his family member, he had to be cold-hearted. Then he continued on to say that he believed that his sister did not exactly possess the loveliest outer appearance.

Still, he said that although his sister never properly learned how to act, she was still very passionate. Ending on a warm note, Leeteuk wished her good luck with her acting career.

What do you guys think of this family relationship?

Source: TV Daily, koreaboo
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