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Heechul Tells Reporters “I’m Genius!” at Super Show in Singapore

Super Junior took their Super Show 3 to Singapore over the weekend on January 29 and 30, organized by Running Into The Sun (RITS) and sponsored by Singtel and Samsung!  The group made it into Singapore’s record as one of the country’s fastest-selling concerts!

5000 tickets to the first show on January 29 were snapped up in one and a half hours during priority sales for OCBC credit card holders. But what about fans who could only purchase during public sales? Due to overwhelming demand, a second show for January 30 was quickly confirmed by RITS. All tickets were snapped up in no time as well!

When told about this piece of news at the press conference held just before the second show, Eun Hyuk thanks the fans for their support. He said the group would continue to work even harder to make their future concerts sell out in an even shorter time of only 30 minutes.

One of the reporters asked Hee Chul why did he choose to impersonate Lady Gaga. Hee Chul said he wanted to entertain his fans and he thinks the idea works. Laughters filled the room when Hee Chul declared, “I’m genius!”

When a reporter raised a sensitive question to them, asking if they would fill the gaps with new members to make them thirteen strong again, the press conference was quickly shortened to allow only one more question. More hands were raised, but were totally ignored by the staff on the floor. Seeing this, Lee Teuk  leaped off the stage and handed a microphone to the reporter nearest to him. He politely stood next to the female reporter as she asked the last question in Korean

Directed at Lee Teuk and Hee Chul who were involved in a chain accident with fans’ vehicles shortly after arriving in Singapore, Lee Teuk said both Hee Chul and himself are alright. Hee Chul sweetly added:”If fans are fine, I will be fine.” Hee Chul also didn’t forget to caution fans to take care of their own safety to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

Credits: Running into the sun Facebook page & soompi
Shared by Bei @ iheart5uperjunior.com
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