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Idols team up for “Idol 7080″ and will air February 2nd! : Yesung

Actor Lee Teokhwa and Clazziquai’s Horan have been chosen as the host of MBC New Year Special program ‘Idol 7080′

‘Idol 7080′ PD Lee Heungwoo said on the 20th: “Lee Teokhwa and Horan are appointed as the hosts”

PD Lee Heungwoo said: “In this Lunar New Year Special episode, we can see a family of the whole generation from the MCs and the guests selected. This reformed 7080 (70s, 80s generations) evokes nostalgia, singer Horan’s music is excellent and fit for the purpose of this program.

‘Idol 7080′ is the tittle of an open program dedicated to 70s, 80s generation idols’ songs .

Im Baekcheon and In Soongin, Yoo Heeyeol, Jeon Youngrok serve as the judges of this program.

Moreover, SHINee and MissA, Sistar, Secret, FT Island, 4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, MBLAQ, JekukIdol, F(x) Luna and Alex, Super Junior Yesung, After School, ‘Bouquet’* team Sooknyeoshidae the total of 14 teams will have a song battle.

The PD said: “Great idol stars of the 2010 generation appeared to sing in memory of the 70s, 80s songs. Idols and the parents** can enjoy together with mutual understanding, that’s the purpose of this program. Nowadays, the combination of the most trendy idols and 70s, 80s music gives off different feeling”.

‘Idol 7080′ was recorded on January 20th, Ilsan dream Center and will be aired on February 2nd, at 6PM. The show will last for 95 minutes.

*: The ‘Bouquet’ team, I assume that it is the team in MBC program: ‘Bouquet’
**: not idols’ parents but referring to the ‘older generation’ in general.

Source: HERE
Translated by LaCrymaMosa
Credit: Yesunglover’s world
Reposted by DreamyGirl @ iheart5uperjunior
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