Yesung gets hit by something thrown by a fan at SS3 Singapore

During Super Show 3 Singapore, somebody threw a red object and hit yesung on the head. Its obvious he was hit pretty hard as you can see in MyBabycloud’s pictures from a different angle. Please dont throw anything at the idols. Even if it was an accident, this could stir up problems that are not even necessary. I say this because the object was red colored, not sapphire blue, ELF might go into defense and the first thing that goes on in their head is ”This person is from a different fanclub”.

Because were here to protect our idols, if we felt a little that our idols are being picked on, bashed, or threaten we will defend. Im just saying the truth, no offense to whoever it was, maybe it was just a big accident, but please be careful next time.

Source: Yesung Baidu included.
Photo credit: MYBABYCLOUD & t.sina.com.cn/bluejolene ….
Shared by bei @ iheart5uperjunior.com
Reshared: 13flowerboys.wordpress.com
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3 comments on “Yesung gets hit by something thrown by a fan at SS3 Singapore

  1. This girl is really bad..
    poor Yesung oppa..T^T

  2. hey!! yesung please consult it to a medical professional…..

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