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Super Show 3 Singapore : StringswithHenry Fan account


Credits: StringswithHenry

Super Girl
Since I knew right after Sorry Sorry was Super Girl, I got my camera ready on the screen. And here comes HENRY! His part with Ryeowook~~~~~~~~~ I finally see him LIVE! Then comes his solo, pity the screen did not show closeup~ After his solo, he went back to the backstage as usual. The next time he came out and walked to the centre stage with SJ, I went nuts.HE IS JUST IN FRONT OF MY EYES! I hope he saw the towel I raised~ Super Girl ended, he and Zhou Mi walked down the stage and prepared for Don’t Don.

Don’t Don
I wasn’t paying attention much to the rest of the members cause my eyes was fixed to the centre stage since Henry and Mimi going to appear there. Once the music reaches their part,camera on record! HENRY LIVE ON VIOLIN. GAH!! The feeling was indescribable. Tried my best to shot a fancam of the both of them~ HENMI ROCKS!

Never thought I could see this live. T.T Just when the previous song ended, I immediately looked at the main stage and saw the piano and my mind flashed ” HENRY!” Camera ready! HAHA! Those people around, sorry if I went nuts screaming HENRY. (Those who asked who is this? THIS IS HENRY LAU! MEMBER OF SUPER JUNIOR M!) This is the only time in the whole concert that he has something on his own. PIANO PRINCE <3.

Baby was a sing along session~ Since everyone knew the song. He walked to the centre stage and that was the thing I wished for because I don’t remember him going to the centre during other concerts. I raised my towel high hoping he will see but somehow I felt people behind me weren’t happy about their camera view being blocked,so I put my towel down. Oh well~ No matter what he does, he shines in front of me~ HENRY LAU, STRINGS WITH YOU!

Zhou Mi solo
After SJ song ended, I fixed my eyes on the centre stage again cause I saw someone inside, guessing it was Mimi. Music started and it was really him~ Promised my Honey friends to have videos and pictures so I was busy filming and taking photos and screaming at the same time. Disappointed with the fact that response for Mimi weren’t as good for Henry, but at least no one anti-ed. There was a little name chant for him when the music was softer, but it didn’t last long. I hope he heard it! Please do scream for Mimi when you are attending other concerts~ HE NEEDS LOVE!

This was the last moment to see the both of them. Leeteuk(should be him) asked them to come and I immediately raised my towel. Although I was at the behind pit,I still hoped that by raising the towel, Henry might have seen it with his little eyes. The whole ending my eyes were fixed on Henry,hands raising the towel. He wore a white plain shirt and jeans out! I was so focused on looking at him that I don’t remember what he said or what other members said. I only remember he spoke Mandarin first, then realized that we speak English, so he spoke in English again. But his first sentence cracked. HE IS SICK. T.T If I didn’t see wrong, Donghae and Siwon came up to him and sort of like asked him what happened to his voice. I also saw him cough! SOBS. This have been a week for him and the rest. Japan Korea Singapore. They are flying super mans! Please do rest well! I want a healthy Henry when SJM comeback!

Mimi also spoke in Mandarin, I only remember he said this is the first time he is in Singapore, something like that? Was too focused on Henry that I didn’t pay attention.-_- Siwon mentioned in English about SJ-M new album also~ I wonder until when are they going to mention it before it is really released.-_-

Leeteuk finished up the ending and they did WE ARE SUPER JUNIOR~ And that ends the concert~

credit: StringswHenry | shared by: arenata@ SJ-World.net


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