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Super Show 3 in Singapore totaled over $1.5 million in expenses

As major veteran stars in the music industry, Super Junior is known for putting on large-scale concerts and shows, and their Super Show 3 is not an exception. Their show in Singapore, which was already extravagant, was upgraded in order to provide a better concert experience to their loyal fans. With these new upgrades came a higher cost. The show had a predicted cost of an estimated 1,500,000 million Singaporean dollars. That’s about 1,303,966,000 Won and about 1,200,000 USD. This cost incorporates the costumes, equipment, crew, special stages, and large central stage, which alone already cost over 500,000 Singaporean dollars.

Running Into the Sun, the concert organizing company, planned to have the Singapore concert replicate the concert in Seoul, from concert outfits, setlist, and even the basic stage design. The purpose of this was to allow for even the fans that are sitting in the farthest back corners to have the chance to interact with the boys of Super Junior.

Cheryl Han, the publicist for Running Into the Sun said, “In some concerts, you see only a small shadow of the performer, but not with Super Junior. No matter where you sit, the boys come very close to you.”

Despite initial concerns about the extremely large cost, Running Into the Sun’s fears were eliminated once the summer showcase Super Junior held proved to them that the boys were capable of drawing in an extremely large audience as well as put on a strong, good show. With a concert of this type of scale, Super Junior is now considered to be in the same league of large, big-named stars such as Rain, Jay Chou, and Muse who have already performed in Singapore.

Han continued with, “Super Show 3 has already attracted more than five big sponsors including telecommunications companies, banks, and big name beverage companies.”

While fans may have worried about the extra costs will mean an expense at their end of a higher ticket price, they need not worry. SM Entertainment and Rising Into the Sun both kept the ticket price low at the highest price only going to 300 Singaporean dollars, or about 230 USD.

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