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Super Junior’s Super Show 3: A night to remember

The first night of the two-day concert proved to be a whopping success as fans shrieked, shouted and chanted continuously throughout three hours

Text: Joelle Chong
Photos: Running Into The Sun
Videos: Fiona Lin & Tay Yixuan

The unwavering support shown at their concert yesterday night was definitely the best gift Korean boy band Super Junior could receive from their Singaporean fans.

Held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the venue was painted a sea of sapphire blue with the lightsticks E.L.Fs (‘Ever Lasting Friends’, the name given to Super Junior’s fans) held onto throughout the three-hour concert.

Ten members from the original 13-member Super Junior performed. Member Kangin is currently serving his military duties in Korea, while Kibum is focusing on his acting career. The stage was, however, joined by two other members, Henry and Zhou Mi, from their sub-group Super Junior-M.

The concert was slightly delayed because of rainy weather and a large turnout. However, the small holdup did nothing to dampen the fans’ spirits. They chanted excitedly and screamed for their idols even before the show started. When the lights finally dimmed at 7pm, the fans waved their lightsticks, eagerly anticipating for Super Junior’s performance.

Super Junior first ignited the stadium with high-energy songs like ‘Sorry Sorry’, ‘Super Girl’ and ‘Don’t Don’.

Arguably one of the best singers in the group, 23-year-old Ryeowook cooled the fiery stage with his solo performance of ‘Spring Day’. Group mate Sungmin was his guitar accompanist.

Kyuhyun, the youngest member of Super Junior, earned roaring applauses from fans for performing the Chinese classic ‘Endless Love’ while Yesung had the entire stadium of fans singing along with him during his solo performance of ‘If It’s Not You’.

However, Heechul was definitely the most creative performer of the night.

A feminine figure slowly rose up the stage, donning a black dress which showed off ‘her’ legs and a hairpiece Lady Gaga was once seen wearing. The American singer’s electropop single ‘Poker Face’ blasted out of the speakers and the figure turned.

There, in a Lady Gaga ensemble, was Heechul. Three other ‘ladies’ — Eunhyuk, Shindong and Donghae — later joined Heechul on stage during Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love’.

At one time during the concert, Super Junior ‘reunited’ with Kangin, who appeared in the form of a hologram. Fans quickly held posters with the words ‘Waiting for Kim Young Woon (Kangin’s real name)’ and chanted his name fervently, as if assuring the man of his place in the group.

During the encore, Super Junior appeared on stage as cutesy vegetables, which had come alive, singing ‘Cooking? Cooking!’. Before the next song ‘Way for Love’ came on, the boys have already stripped down to their final costumes of the night.

Super Junior also provided much fan service yesterday night. Sungmin took cameras from fans near the sidelines and snapped photos of himself with them before returning the cameras. Most of the members picked up stuffed toys thrown towards them by fans, only to have them thrown to other fans.

Nearing the end of the concert, Siwon noticed a bell pepper on stage. Out of curiosity, he picked it up and broke it into half, surprised to find that it was a real one — a news he excitedly shared with Kyuhyun.

Most of the fans would probably return home with voices hoarse from screaming. A handful would even be turning up for the concert again tonight. However, all the fans, either from yesterday or night, would definitely return with fond memories and hopes of another concert.

cr: xin.msn.com | sapphirepearls.com

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