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Join Us. We Need Help!

Anybody interested to be author?

Apply now in this post!


Qualities Needed For Authors

~ Recently Online – please check out the ‘author’s online period’

~ Familiar with WordPress – know how to add ‘Read More’, Photos and Videos

~ Familiar with our posting formats – May be viewed throughout our site, on how we post photos, news and videos

Posting Rules

~ For any post that contain photos and text, a photo must be put at the top, then ‘read more tag’ and text

~ For photo album post, please upload only one photo using this site and the other photos using other hosting sites

~ No bashing Super Junior and other artist

~ Do not do repeat posting except update and important news/info

-rules to be added-

Authors Online Period

Period 1 : 8:00 am KST→9:00 am KST

Period 2 : 9:00 am KST→10:00 am KST

Period 3 : 10:00 am KST→11:00 pm KST

Period 4 : 11:00 am KST→12:00 pm KST

Period 5 : 12:00 pm KST→1:00 pm KST

Period 6: 1:00 pm KST→2:00 pm KST

Period 7 : 2:00 pm KST→3:00 pm KST

Period 8: 3:00 pm KST→4:00 pm KST

Period 9 : 4:00 pm KST→5:00 pm KST

Period 10 : 5:00 pm KST→6:00 pm KST

Period 11 : 6:00 pm KST→7:00 pm KST

Period 12 : 7:00 pm KST→8:00 pm KST

Period 13 : 8:00 pm KST→9:00 pm KST

Period 14 : 9:00 pm KST→10:00 pm KST

Period 15 : 10:00 pm KST→11:00 pm KST

Period 16 : 11:00 pm KST→12:00 pm KST

Period 17 : 12:00 am KST→1:00 am KST

Period 18 : 1:00 am KST→2:00 am KST

Period 19 : 2:00 am KST→3:00 am KST

Period 20 : 3:00 am KST→4:00 am KST

Period 21 : 4:00 am KST→5:00 am KST

Period 22 : 5:00 am KST→6:00 am KST

Period 23 : 6:00 am KST→7:00 am KST

Period 24 : 7:00 am KST→8:00 am KST

Please fill in this form

Name :

*Email Address

**Nickname :

***Online Period :

****Experiences :

Origin :

Age :

Birthdays :

Why Must We Accept You :

*Authors must sign up at WordPress.com before apply.Please provide the Email Address that used to signup.

**The name that you will use as username in WordPress.com

***You may choose more than one


Please be patient waiting for us to approve you.

Approved authors will be informed via mail so please make sure your email address is valid.

Accepted athours must work hard in their field or they will be banned!


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