[FANFIC] When Super Junior is your boyfriend…*11 members* – final final ver.

Here is my fanfic for SJ – some of you may have read part of it before – this is the latest version (and most likely the final version) – with newly added, Sungmin, Donghae, Ryeowook, Siwon, Kyuhyun.

Please enjoy and comment^^

When Super Junior is your boyfriend….

1.      When you are late for a date

Leeteuk – waits for you, checking the time, and calls you after 15min

Heechul – waits for you for 10min, then leaves

Hangeng – patiently waits for you, and calls you after 25min

Yesung – waits for 45min for you then calls you

Kangin – waits for a little while, then calls to tell you to hurry up

Sungmin – Paces around and around, looking at his watch. After 20 minutes, after a long time of deliberating, calls you concernedly to make sure you’re all right

Eunhyuk – checks the time every 5 secs, then after 5min, can’t bear it any longer and calls you

Donghae – waits, albeit a bit nervously for you, then calls you 20minutes later and asks where you are

Siwon – waits patiently for you until you turn up, 1 hour later

Ryeowook – waits extremely nervously for you, then after 30 minutes has gone past, gets really worried and runs over to your house

Kyuhyun – waits for 15min silently, before calling you impatiently to tell you to hurry up or he’ll go away

2.      When you’re in pain because you’ve gone out for a date wearing high heels

Leeteuk – is concerned and offers to piggy-back you even though he has back pains

Heechul – scolds you but acts aegyo to take your mind off the pain

Hangeng – sits you down at the nearest bench and gives you a foot massage

Yesung – asks if you’re okay, and then takes you to a bench to rest a while

Kangin – tells you to get on his back – he’ll carry you – but nags at you the whole time

Sungmin – supports you with an arm around you, and holds your hand reassuringly until you get to a place where you can sit down

Eunhyuk – Asks if you want a rest

Donghae – tells you to hop on his back, and then runs through the street with you, zigzagging through the crowd to take your mind off your pain

Siwon – is worried, tells you to sit down and rest for a while, and goes to your nearest favourite shoe store to buy you a more comfortable pair of sneakers

Ryeowook – calls for a taxi immediately and takes you over to his house to let you rest

Kyuhyun – is not sure what to do, but supports you to the nearest seat and sits down with you until you feel better

3.      When you visit him at a show recording and brings food with you

Leeteuk – is touched, and eats it as soon as he can, then introduces the crew to you

Heechul – tells you off for wasting your time, but eats all of the food himself, not sharing with the members, because you made it

Hangeng – thanks you and hugs you, before eating it in front of you and complimenting your cooking skills

Yesung – blushes and accepts, and saves it carefully for later

Kangin – complains that it’s not his favourite, but then eats all of it cleanly

Sungmin – blushes, and embarrassed, smiles his cute smile and accepts the food, asking if you want to stay for a while and keep him company while he eats it

Eunhyuk – is really touched, but doesn’t know how to react so just smiles like a dork at you

Donghae – is so happy, and glows visibly like a child, then eats it up quickly

Siwon – is extremely pleased and thanks you genuinely, and politely asks if you want to share

Ryeowook – is so so so happy, and his eyes go right round like a panda, and can’t stop smiling

Kyuhyun – smiles shyly and thanks you, accepting the food

4.      When you ask them to entertain you because you’re bored

Leeteuk – acts out gags and makes lame jokes to make you laugh

Heechul – lets you play with Baengsin and Heebum

Hangeng – offers to take you anywhere you want

Yesung – takes you to his room and lets you play with his turtle

Kangin – arm-wrestles with you, and tells you the latest celebrity goss

Sungmin – brings out his wooden stick and shows off his impressive martial arts skills with perfection

Eunhyuk – dances for you

Donghae – does the complete set of Siwon’s gestures for you~~

Siwon – doesn’t know what to do, so goes over to Shindong and says “hyung, help me”

Ryeowook – goes over to his piano and composes a song right then and there for you, singing along as he plays

Kyuhyun – takes you over to his computer and forces you to play Starcraft with him, and beats you every time

5.      When you start crying

Leeteuk – comforts you and hugs you until you stop crying

Heechul – threatens an attack from Heebum if you keep it up and drops him into your lap

Hangeng – is concerned and asks you what’s wrong

Yesung – puts a comforting arm around you and pats your back

Kangin – asks “who should I go beat up…” and comforts you

Sungmin – ‘s face softens and asks softly, “Let it all out…it’s okay, oppa’s here” while holding you and soothingly patting your back, like when you were a child

Eunhyuk – Silently wraps you in a hug and says “it’s okay, it’s okay..”

Donghae – turns serious suddenly and hugs you tightly, soothing you at the same time

Siwon – is concerned and hugs you, gently asking what’s wrong

Ryeowook – has a worried face, and hugs you comfortingly until you want to talk to him about it

Kyuhyun – cuddles you and says “it’s okay, the great Kyuhyun is here”

6.      When you’re stressed out and tired

Leeteuk – hugs you, and stays by your side to do anything for you

Heechul – lets you cuddle into him and says “just this once….”

Hangeng – cooks some of his Peking fried rice and feeds it to you

Yesung – sings a ballad to you and comforts you

Kangin – lets you lean on him and tells you a funny story to cheer you up

Sungmin – Does a cute dance for you, putting on his aegyo voice, saying “Noonaaaaaaa, look at me!”

Eunhyuk – sits by your side and listens to you talk about it

Donghae – goes out and buys you a hot chocolate, then snuggles up next to you on the sofa, and listens to you talk

Siwon – takes you out for a walk, while coaxing the problem out of you

Ryeowook – silently goes over to the kitchen and whips up a feast for you

Kyuhyun – goes into a hyper mood and starts dancing maniacally, joined by his hyungs Shindong and Donghae to try to make you cheer up

7.      When thugs gang up on you

Leeteuk – steps in front of you to protect you, and gets beaten up instead

Heechul – verbally abuses them and gives them an evil stare until they get scared and run away

Hangeng – gets into martial art pose and takes them all down

Yesung – scares them away with his weird aura

Kangin – cracks his knuckles and handles them all…..

Sungmin – holds you closely to him while making a few painful accurate punches here and there to get you both out of the thug circle

Eunhyuk – pushes you out of the way, tells you to call police, and keeps the thugs’ attention focused on him, so you can be safe

Donghae – calls all his sunbaes to come to help

Siwon – protects you with one arm, and steers you away from the thugs, blocking the attacks with the other arm

Ryeowook –  immediately grabs your hand and runs hard, only stopping when he’s sure they didn’t follow you

Kyuhyun – drags you away and runs for it

8.      When you ask him what you should wear….

Leeteuk – “White, of course”

Heechul – “hmmm…curl your hair, wear your white t-shirt with the blue butterfly, skinny blue jeans, and high heels”

Hangeng – “Whatever you wear, you’ll look beautiful”

Yesung – “…”

Kangin – “Why are you asking ME this?”

Sungmin – “Um….How about that white top with the pink rabbit that we bought together?”

Eunhyuk – “a dress”

Donghae – blushes and stutters for a while “um…ah…”, deciding what he wants to see you in

Siwon – blushes and says “whatever you feel comfortable in, baby”

Ryeowook – “Um….whatever you think is best” and gives you a smile

Kyuhyun – …silence… “clothes?”

9.      When you play a prank on him

Leeteuk – Is embarrassed that you managed to play a prank on him and smiles a dimple smile

Heechul – Says “What is this?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Hangeng – pretends to get angry, then wraps you in a hug when you’re hurt that he yelled at you

Yesung – Immediately goes back to his “no expression” face

Kangin – Pretends to land a punch on you, then tickles you for revenge until you beg for mercy

Sungmin – gets slightly annoyed and flustered, turning a cute shade of pink, before running away and hiding under his duvet until he works out just HOW you managed to prank him…

Eunhyuk – “What?….” and tries to come to terms with the fact you managed to prank him

Donghae – realizes the full extent of the prank and cracks up laughing, rolling around on the floor

Siwon – has a “huh” expression and is surprised, but smiles that Siwon smile, as he realizes how funny it is

Ryeowook – is a bit dazed, then suddenly cracks up laughing and rolling around the floor

Kyuhyun – laughs cheekily and says “wow, you can be the evil magnae now”

10.   When Super Junior comes over to pick you up after school

Leeteuk – smiles, opens his arms wide for a hug and says “did you miss oppa?”

Heechul – acts coolly, walks up to you and says “S’up”

Hangeng – waves at you and asks how school was today

Yesung – No immediate reaction, but kisses you on the cheek when no one’s looking

Kangin – Says “you missed me, right?” and hugs you

Sungmin – Waves as soon as he gets out of the car, then walks quickly over and wraps you in a tight hug, to the utmost outrage of the other girls in your school, before walking off smugly with your hand tightly in his

Eunhyuk – Gives a cute smile, hugs you, then walks holding your hand tightly

Donghae – winks at you, and hands you a single red rose, before escorting you out of the gates

Siwon – lets his hyungs greet and tease you, before coming over and silently reaches for your hand as you walk out, carrying your bag over one shoulder and smiling in greeting

Ryeowook – brings a homemade after-school snackbox with him with your favourite treats and hands it shyly to you

Kyuhyun – Comes up to you excitedly and says “hi”, which is then followed by awkward silence

11.   When you call them in the middle of the night and wake them up because you can’t sleep

Leeteuk – Is groggy at first, but then brightens when he hears your voice, and insists he’s not sleeping, and talks with you for a long time

Heechul – Asks “ya, why are you calling me in the middle of the night?” and complains he’s losing his beauty sleep, but stays on the phone with you for 30min before complaining his phone bill’s going to be too high and hangs up

Hangeng – Talks with you on the phone until you feel sleepy and go to bed before hanging up

Yesung – Says nothing much, but listens intently to you ranting on and on

Kangin – Nags you about waking him up, even though he’s talking more that you are, until you become tired of it and fall asleep

Sungmin – Asks if you want to go see a movie with him, even though he’s extremely tired from the work that day

Eunhyuk – is half-asleep, but talks with you and sings you a lullaby so you can sleep

Donghae – responds monosyllabically, and tries intently to stay awake (and fails…) to listen to you

Siwon – asks if you want to go exercise with him

Ryeowook – sings soothing ballads for you until you feel sleepy

Kyuhyun – threatens to make you play Starcraft with him again unless you go to sleep, and sings a ballad soothingly to you to make you want to sleep

12.   When you’ve had a huge fight with them and is feeling hurt

Leeteuk – comes up behind you, hugs you, and says “sorry….it was all my fault”

Heechul – says nothing, but the next day, you find an anonymous note in your bag with the words “sorry” and a cat begging for forgiveness drawn on it

Hangeng – sits beside you and apologises sincerely, saying “will you forgive oppa this time?”

Yesung – leaves you a voice message with him singing “It Has To Be You”

Kangin – Leans on you and says “don’t be like that, okay?”, but doesn’t admit it’s his fault

Sungmin – comes over to you with an apology speech already in his mind, but all that he can do is blurt out “I’m sorry” before hugging you tightly

Eunhyuk – dances Sorry Sorry to you to apologise

Donghae – comes up to you, kneels down, takes your hands and says “oppa is so, so sorry….will you forgive me?” with a pleading look

Siwon – fights never happen between you and him – he’s just too much a gentleman

Ryeowook – brings you your favourite sweet dessert that he handmade on a tray with a vase of small flowers while singing how sorry he is

Kyuhyun – comes up to you with a sheepish smile, says “sorry”, and then hugs you

13.   When he goes to the army

Leeteuk – Hugs you tightly for the last time and promises to be back soon, well and healthy

Heechul – Hugs you and says “I’ll come back an even cooler oppa”

Hangeng – Tells you to stay happy and healthy until he comes back, and promises to cook you Beijing Fried Rice when he does

Yesung – Doesn’t say much, but suddenly kisses you

Kangin – Forbids you to look at any guys until he comes back or else…

Sungmin – Kisses you one last time, smiles sadly and gives you a salute, shouting “Wait for me!” and waving frantically from the bus

Eunhyuk – Tells you to stay faithful to him, and that two years will go by real fast, and he’ll be back in no time

Donghae – Whispers that you’re his everything and that he’ll come back….so wait for him

Siwon – clasps your shoulder with both hands and says “I’ll miss you…please wait for me” looking into your eyes

Ryeowook – Says “I’ll come back stronger….wait for me! Hwaiting!!” Hugs you, then bravely jumps on the bus to leave

Kyuhyun – Says “You’re MINE…wait for me” and hugs you tightly, and then waves goodbye

14.   When he comes back from the army

Leeteuk – Hugs you tightly and asks “did you miss me?”

Heechul – turns in a full circle and says “didn’t I become cooler?”

Hangeng – Lifts you up and spins you in the air then says “Let’s go home”

Yesung – Is actually quite talkative for once and smiles at you before holding your hand in his

Kangin – The first thing he says is “You didn’t look at any guys right?”

Sungmin – All he can do is smile at you dorkily

Eunhyuk – Smiles a huge smile and says “I’m back! see, didn’t 2 years go by fast?”

Donghae – Comes up to you with a huge grin, and wraps you in a bear hug

Siwon – comes up and hugs you tightly with a big smile on his face

Ryeowook – Can’t stop smiling and looking at you

Kyuhyun – breaks out into a huge smile and says “you missed me right?”

15.   When you say you’re cold

Leeteuk – Takes off his coat for you and wraps it tightly around you

Heechul – goes into the nearest store and buys you the most fashionable coat there

Hangeng – Wraps his arms around you

Yesung – Rubs your hands in his cute mini hands

Kangin – Says “you should have worn more…now see the problem?” but takes his coat off for you anyway

Sungmin – scoots you to the nearest coffee shop to warm up and buys you a hot fluffy hot chocolate

Eunhyuk – Gives you his jacket then takes you to his house to warm you up

Donghae – stands behind you and leans on you, wrapping his arms around

Siwon – takes off his puffer jacket and scarf and wraps both tightly around you, before standing next to you to give you body heat

Ryeowook – doesn’t know what to do, but clings closer to you

Kyuhyun – does not seem to react, but a minute later, you realize he’s standing right next to you, giving you body heat

16.   When you say there’s something in your eye

Leeteuk – Says “Let me see” and gently blows it out of your eye

Heechul – Says “stop joking” but takes a look at it anyway

Hangeng – Blows it out of your eye then gives you some eyedrops to protect your eyes

Yesung – Tells you to blink

Kangin – Says “Oh really”, ignores you, but 5 minutes later, tells you to come to him and blows it out for you

Sungmin – widens his eyes and intently looks into your eyes, blowing softly on the offending area and gives you a hug

Eunhyuk – Inspects your eye carefully and slowly blows on your eye

Donghae – Looks carefully at your eye, and becomes confused, and then concludes “there’s nothing there”

Siwon – looks into your eyes carefully and catches you as you faint from his gaze

Ryeowook – stands on tiptoes and peers into your eye, gently brushing away your eyelashes so he can gently blow on your eye

Kyuhyun – lifts up your chin, pulls your eyelids apart widely, and then blows on your eye

17.   When you go with him to the swimming pool in a bikini and guys stare at you

Leeteuk – Grabs your hand and walks holding it tightly

Heechul – Silently curses all the guys staring

Hangeng – Ignores them and smiles at you sweetly

Yesung  – Drapes an arm around you just casually

Kangin – Says loudly “She’s MY girlfriend”

Sungmin – Says “Gees, can’t they see we’re together?”, entwines his arm with yours and walks faster

Eunhyuk – Scolds you for wearing something so revealing

Donghae – Puffs out his chest proudly, and then walks with an arm wrapped tightly around you

Siwon – silently holds onto your hand and walks closer to you

Ryeowook – is embarrassed and blushes bright red, and whispers to you that maybe you shouldn’t wear such a revealing swimsuit next time

Kyuhyun – links arms with you and suddenly starts chattering away

18.   When you laugh uncontrollably because you just saw something REALLY funny on TV

Leeteuk – Asks “Are you okay?” and laughs curiously at you

Heechul – Throws you a weird look and purposely moves a seat along from you

Hangeng – Is surprised, but laughs with you

Yesung – Smiles widely at you then shakes his head

Kangin – Asks “What’s so funny?” curiously and slaps your arm to get you back into reality again

Sungmin – is bewildered and tells you to take deep breaths to calm down, 1,2,3, out….

Eunhyuk – Says “uh…do girls do that?”

Donghae – is a bit surprised, then laughs too, with you, just as uncontrollably

Siwon – is surprised that you just did that, and asks you what’s funny with a confused look

Ryeowook – is startled – looks at the TV, then back at you, then at the TV again, still puzzled over what was so funny

Kyuhyun – starts to laugh too….AT you

19.   When you desperately want something really expensive…

Leeteuk – Smiles at your desperation and teases you, and buys it for you

Heechul – Says “Aish, so expensive! Do you think I’m made of money?” but buys it for you the next day and hands it over casually

Hangeng – Buys it for you with no hesitation

Yesung – Says “wow…so expensive”, counts his money, finds it satisfactory and buys it for you

Kangin – Says “Buy it with your own money”, but when you go to pay he says “do you really think I’d let you pay for it yourself?” and buys it for you

Sungmin – pouts and says, “can’t you buy it for oppa as well?”. When he sees you’re about to do so, he smiles and tells you he’s kidding, and buys it for you

Eunhyuk – Says “Wah….I don’t have money…” and buys you something cheaper instead

Donghae – Says “Wah…oppa doesn’t have that much money”, but keeps an eye on it and buys it for your birthday the next month

Siwon – asks if there’s anything else you want, and buys all of it for you, no hesitation

Ryeowook – Says quietly that he doesn’t have enough money that day, and then saves up determinedly to buy it for you the next month

Kyuhyun – Is silent for a minute counting up his money then says happily “yay, I have enough to buy it”

20.   When you give him a scrapbook of all your memories together as a present…

Leeteuk – is really touched and hugs you and then looks through all of it together with you

Heechul – complains that it’s too tacky and unstylish for him, but looks at it together with you eagerly

Hangeng – is really happy and gives you a gift in return

Yesung – is impressed by your skills and puts it in a safe but very catching position to show off his girlfriend

Kangin – smiles widely and asks “is this for me?”

Sungmin – “Wow….you made this….for oppa?” Touched, he gently opens each page, pointing excitedly to each photo and going over each memory

Eunhyuk – is touched deeply and can’t but keep a huge geeky grin on his face

Donghae – is not sure what to say, and just hugs you tightly and thanks you sincerely

Siwon – smiles so adorably and suddenly hugs you, saying “thank you”

Ryeowook – is so happy that he can’t stop thanking you and showing off to the other members

Kyuhyun – blushes and smiles, gently looking at it carefully

21.   When you doze off on the bus

Leeteuk – leans his head gently on top of yours and smiles contently

Heechul – wakes you up and tells you to sleep when you get home

Hangeng – covers you with his jacket to keep you warm

Yesung – keeps watch over you while you sleep

Kangin – becomes very gentle and lets you lean on him

Sungmin – cuddles you into him, sharing his jacket with you

Eunhyuk – lets you lean on him to sleep

Donghae – puts his headphones on you, and plays ballads to help you sleep, and watches over you

Siwon – smiles, and lets you sleep, watching out for you

Ryeowook – wakes you up gently and tells you to sleep when you get home

Kyuhyun – moves your head so that you’re leaning on him, then smiles contentedly

22.   When you ignore him for a whole day

Leeteuk – calls you 50 times and leaves you 10 voice messages asking you why you’re ignoring him and if you’re okay (but doesn’t go over to your house because of his schedule)

Heechul – calls you 10 times, texts you 10 times (each time getting more annoyed) before going over to your house

Hangeng – calls you 50 times and texts you 30 times before making Beijing fried rice and going over to your house

Yesung – texts you 50 times then waits outside your school for you

Kangin – calls you 20 times, leaves you a voice message each time telling you to call back otherwise you’re so dead, before giving up and storming to your house

Sungmin – texts you every 5 minutes asking if he’s done anything wrong, and leaves 10 voice messages telling you to call back, even if just to argue with him

Eunhyuk – calls you 40 times, texts you 40 times, hesitates, but then decides to go over to your house

Donghae – calls you 50 times then runs over to your house to wait for you to explain why you kept on ignoring him

Siwon – goes over to your house immediately to ask you what’s wrong

Ryeowook – calls you at least 100 times, then gives up, and feels depressed for the whole day

Kyuhyun – is not sure what to do, so calls you 200 times, leaving you a voice message every couple of times

23a.When you say “let’s break up”

Leeteuk – is shocked and freezes for a moment, before sadly letting you go, and then crying for a long time after you’ve left

Heechul – is annoyed and hurt and asks you why you’re doing this, before finally accepting it and surprisingly gently says “goodbye, I hope you do well in the future”

Hangeng – is still for a long time, taking in the truth, and then suddenly hugs you, for the last time, smiles sadly as you walk away and start tearing up when you’ve gone

Yesung – has a shocked face, then resumes his normal “no expression” before letting you go with a gentle goodbye

Kangin – whines and asks you if you’re joking – when you say you’re not, falls serious and hugs you strongly and pushing you away from him to let you go

Sungmin – cannot move, finally recovering enough to ask “why….?”, tears choking up his voice. He hugs you for the last time then turns away.

Eunhyuk – Has a hurt face, but then attempts a brave smile and says goodbye to you, when you walk away, he catches your hand, then reluctantly lets go of you…

Donghae – is completely shocked, and asks you “why?” in a choked voice – when you tell him the reason, he nods then hugs you before tears begin to stream down his face

Siwon – is wounded, but puts on a brave face, envelopes you in a hug, then lets go, whispering “I hope you have a happy and fulfilling life”

Ryeowook – smiles sadly and tries and fails to put on a cheerful face to you, a tear sneaking down his cheek

Kyuhyun – freezes and is silent for a long time, not sure how to react, but then finally settles with a hug, and then starts crying after you left as the full impact hits him

24a.After you’ve broken up

Leeteuk – often takes out the scrapbook you gave him and gently looks at it, and cries while remembering you

Heechul – still keeps in contact with you as good friends and hangs out with you when you need him

Hangeng – drives over to the front of your house and watches it silently for a while

Yesung – calls you anonymously just to hear your voice again, then immediately hanging up

Kangin – drinks to stop thinking about you, then calls you after he’s drunk

Sungmin – cannot focus on anything he does, often staring at your photo in his phone, and reminiscing about your happy memories together

Eunhyuk – plays your favourite songs on Sukira and dedicates them to “a very special person”

Donghae –feels down and agitated for a whole week, having no interest in anything

Siwon – often jogs over to your house on his exercise routines and stands outside for a while, not quite daring to go in

Ryeowook – composes a song about all the happy moments in your relationship, releases it and dedicates it to you

Kyuhyun – invites you often to play Starcraft with him

23b. When he proposes to you

Leeteuk – proposes on Super Show 3 concert in front of millions of fans, invites you on stage, gets on one knee and asks you to marry him

Heechul – when you’re bickering with him about something, he suddenly kisses you and asks you to marry him

Hangeng – makes *special* fried rice with the ring in it, and when you bite it, he asks you to marry him

Yesung – sings a proposal song to you, at the end, says, blushing, “I love you…will you marry me?”

Kangin – Asks you casually in a conversation, if you love him, when you say “of course”, pulls out a ring box in his pocket

Sungmin – makes a surprise ending at the encore of his musical; invites you on stage and proposes in front of the whole cast, crew, and audience saying “Will you give your hand in marriage to me?”

Eunhyuk – calls you on Sukira, dances for you, bringing out a rose at the end, then proposes to you in front of all the radio audiences

Donghae – takes you out on a full date; to the amusement park, then to dinner, before taking you back to the dorm and pulling out a ring to propose to you on one knee

Siwon – invites you to a high-class expensive restaurant, kneels on one knee and asks, “will you marry me?”

Ryeowook –  One day when you’re at his house, he just says “ I don’t know how to say this but….(deep breath) will you marry me?”

Kyuhyun – proposes at a restaurant with the rest of the members as witnesses, nervously gets down on one knee and asks you to marry him, looking expectantly at you

Written by sapphireblueelf@13flowerboys.wordpress.com/xxyumixx@sj-world.net

Take out with full and proper credits! – do not credit yourself/do not modify in any way the fanfic.

About sapphireblueelf

Hiiiii^^ I'm Annie, and currently attending school in New Zealand - I am Chinese, so feel free to ask me to translate/explain anything posted w/Chinese in it~XD

16 comments on “[FANFIC] When Super Junior is your boyfriend…*11 members* – final final ver.

  1. Ahaha, LOVE this! You’re amazing; everything is so accurate. 🙂

  2. oh..this is so cute!! and you are very accurate…it gives me goosebumps by just reading it..although i can’t imagine breaking up with any of them if they were t his adorable…hehe good job!thanks for sharing!

  3. umm. juss asking but wats an E.F.L.es?

  4. This is so lovely!! You are really good at this stuff!! 🙂

  5. these were so spot on, loved them so very much and thank you for sharing them and adding in more members for the scenarios. aaaaaaah so happy now thank you

  6. hihi!~ do you mind if i put this on youtube to make a video? 😀 i really love this, i would put this web in my description box too! 😀 hope you would reply soon!

  7. Love yesung..! ❤

  8. Daebak. I really love Heechul’s way 🙂 You made it really cool! :)))))

  9. wow
    that was great
    thank you
    really I enjoy reading it ^^
    I loved siwon so much ❤

  10. you are the best in the world
    you make me really happy while reading this
    please make a lot of these

  11. Omg!! Love this!!! But where is Shindong? >_>

  12. I love it can u write more plz

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