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BoA and Yesung to feature in “Paradise Ranch” OST

It was recently announced that SM singers BoA and Yesung of Super Junior will both be featuring in the OST album of the new SBS drama, “Paradise Ranch”.

“Paradise Ranch” has been a great hit ever since its pilot episode on January 24th, particularly due to the main cast members Lee Yeon Hee and TVXQ’Changmin. However, it’s not just the drama itself that has been gaining attention – the OST production is receiving just as much interest thanks to the extensive list of idol star features, such as TVXQf(x), and the recently announced BoA and Yesung.

BoA’s song, titled “One Person“, illustrates a heartbreaking story of a girl who remembers all the sweet memories of her relationship after their break up, while Yesung’s track, “Waiting For You”, is about a man who is adamant on waiting until the end of the world for his lover to return to him.

The two tracks are scheduled for release on January 31st on various online music sites.

Source: OSEN via Nate

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