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Were Fans To Blame For Crash?

Were fans to blame for crash?


Two members of Korean boy band, Super Junior were involved in an accident along the East Coast Parkway near the Bedok Exit yesterday at about 6.30pm.
Fortunately, the duo, who arrived on the 5.30pm flight from Tokyo yesterday, were unhurt.
Concert organisers say overzealous fans may have been the cause.
Leeteuk and Heechul were on their way from Changi Airport to their hotel. The rest of the 10-man group were arriving separately.
The boys were in one van while the two employees of organisers Running Into The Sun were in the car ahead of them. Running Into The Sun is a subsidiary of Fly Entertainment.
According to an employee who was in the staff car, eight fan vehicles were giving chase and were trying to get close to the Super Junior van.

Said the employee: “We were getting very nervous when the fan vehicles started coming too close. But we travelled on.
“However, they just kept coming closer and closer.”
These fan vans ended up racing too close to a unidentified cream-coloured car, which was in front of the staff car.
This set off a chain reaction.
When the unidentified car braked, the staff car hit it, causing a pile-up of six vehicles, including the van carrying Leeteuk and Heechul.
After stopping at the side of the road, the people in all six vehicles came out to check on their vehicles.
No one was hurt.
The Super Junior van then took Leeteuk and Heechul to the hotel.
The employee said that they had to wait for the tow truck to come and take their car away?
During the wait, which took 45 minutes, they made calls to settle their car insurance.
At around 8 pm, the tow trucks arrived and their boss from Running Into The Sun, ex-actress Beatrice Chia, came to pick them up.
Said the employee: “Beatrice was very worried for us and kept telling us to see the doctor.
“But we were fine so we just went for a drink and had a short rest, then it was back at the airport again.”
They had to pick up another seven members of Super Junior who had arrived at the airport on the 9.30pm flight.
The last member of the group is arriving today on an afternoon flight.
The employee said she and her colleague were traumatised by the accident and she wants Super Junior fans to know that they were endangering the boys by chasing them on the road.
She said: “The boys could have got seriously hurt.
“So, to the fans, next time, please think of their safety first even if you want to show your love and support for them.”
Police said they received a call at 6.45pm involving six vehicles, but no one was injured.
Super Junior is in town to perform at their concerts – Super Junior Super Show 3 – tonight and tomorrow night.
The popular group is know for the hit songs like Sorry, Sorry and Bonamana.

“It’s unfortunate that this happened but everything is under control. We’re happy that the boys are okay and the concert will go on as planned.”
-Ms Cheryl Han, a publicist for Fly Entertainment.

Source: The New Paper (Singaporean newspaper)
Image: mousiie @twitter
Retranscription: ☆Ipik♥u @sj-world.net

Shared: 13flowerboys.wordpress.com

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