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Super Show 3 Singapore : Fan Account – 290111

HANDS UP if you think ss3singapore was different AWESOMELY!!!!

ok the camera crew were abit of fail, but sj were seriously giving out a good show!
things were spiced up or different!!

i will be incoherent in my first day’s fanaacount at 635am in the morning, will list down impt stuff i rmb
and write a proper full account…..later!
OMYGAHHHH (this will be so hyuk-biased)

somebody!! HYUKJAE! he’s changed!
ever sinc his new haircut he’s been alot more fiercer, hotter and badasser!!
he’s pulling the T.O.P every now and then, and i DIIIIEEEEEEE

there were loads of yehyuk, eunsihae, and a mini mini hyukmin moment. /sobs
hyukjae was disturbing yehvoice from the start to the last when they did 2PM’s ‘ill be back’ thumbs sign. and they are majorly cute!

speaking of yehsung, he’s lovely midget mother came!
and she is so cute and nice, i was being all 8D ‘Yesung Mum!’ smile! wave! and she responded!! gahhhhh (if i ever convert toyehsung bias, its because of his mum)
and there was a cute yehwon moment after they stripped out of their vege costumes! (i noticed because hyuk was being all flirty w the girls at A section /POUTS) so Siwon playful after bullying Shindong, spotted yehsung and poked/tickled him. and yehsung xD acted pissed and like ‘it hurts…’ so siwon quickly went over and healed him w some skinship, but yehsung REJECTS. HAHAHAAHH

Eunsihae moment, too much! but one that i distinctly remembered was during this song i forgot whaaaaat, where they all come to the center stage, dance abit and pose pose pose, so hyuk and hae were like battle-posing each other and got lower and lower to the ground, and hae wins by lying on the floor. Siwon comes over and lies on him and attempt to -rape-haes-mouth- (everyoe should have seen it! BIG ON SCREEN) and hyuk comes and rides atop siwon, siwon gets up and hyuk almost falls over backwards (/THINKCHANGMIN in smtwon on kyu). and the center stage was opening up.
i was like OH MY GAWD. but won the shining knight grabbed and saved hyuk ❤ but the both of them were like ‘woah…..’ and eyeballing each other (in a cheesy way) and hae’s attention has alr been diverted.


I was at T34 with like only 10%fans and 90% uncle aunties, kids and boyfriends. so fangirls were able to keep running down to the railing. but the boys didnt love our section T—-T

i only managed to handslap with Leadershi because he was doing a run from one and to the other, hands stretched out.

oh and Kyu was so cute! he was walking by our section going ‘ah annyeong annyeong annyeong’ and he was looking around i think looking for a polaroid cam, s he’s walk was slow, and when it was like abt 20seconds of our palms together as he look for something! and he’s hands omgahhh, feels like kids’s skin!! 8D not too rough not too smooth!

The one time Kyu found a polaroid cam was at the center section of penB (first pit), he actually took the camera but dropped it :O yes his face was also :O, the security person picked it up and passed it to him but i guess it was spoiled, he looked up from the cam with the MOST ADORABLE apologetic expression and said what i guess to be ‘it doesnt work anymore/its spoiled/or something along that’ OH KYYUUUUU

Shindong was on our side alot but he ignored us or didnt want to touch our hands T—T WHY!

Sungmin came along picked up and threw toy flowers over our heads and touched fingertips with us /FAINTS

HYUKJAE. LEE HYUKJAE. he was only ever in front of us twice! and then goes flirting to Arena and PenA section. WHY YOU!
he evaded us all-the-time. TCH!

butbutbut LOL, there was this moment when he was at the center section on PENB, siwon came and wrapped a monkey head thingy around him and he stood there for like about a whole 2min STONING (what are you doing!) and then looks up to look accusingly at siwon but the horse is long gone. so he removes the monkey thing and throws it into the 2nd pit of pen B and the exact same monkey thing comes flying from 1st section of PEN B. it was hilarious, he was like ‘oh ah ha!’ picks it up prepares to throw and this luffydhyuk towel flies up. i forgot what he did with it BECAUSE he starts doing the heart thing.

so when he faces us to (‘v’) (heart signed) i immediately imitated him and hit the girl on my right. HE SAW /FAINTS and smirked /DIES.

ive had more eye contacts with heenim and yehsung then hyukjae even thouh i try my hardest to stare laser into his head T—–T
he never looks at one place for more than 1second. and why do i hardly see the smile on his face reach his eyes? (kills unresponsive aunties and uncles) and i see him so wild on the other side!!! HYUKJAE T—-T

and he is always so busy doing something (flirting-_-) toktoktok hyukjae is busy gathering confetti. ending, hyukjae is busy wetting everybody, busy shooting hearts, busy at the arena, busy at the extended stage near T09. so busy when siwon talks for the ending, he needs to sit. ❤ leaving stage busy saluting thumbs up! WITH YEHSUNG and gets philtrium-raped HAHAHAHAH

the only hyukmin moment that saved me from abandoning them forever was…. them spitting water at each other -_-

can i talk about zhoumi? our freakin sexy mimi? GAHHHHH HE IS SO SEXY!! i was singing and dancing along to ms chic like mad ad going mimi mimi mimeeeeeeeeeee! (the aunty next to me did not approve) i will now ship hyukmi even though ive never seen them interacting. HYUK♥MI

oh and im pretty bummed that alot of SGfans have no clue or do not support henry/mimi. though i am sure henry won them over with justin bieber’s baby 8D

overall the boys were awesome, but we were awkward. our ‘encore’ chant failed.. didnt even turn up,
lets hope 2nd day will be just as if not more awesome!!!

EDIT// Beyonce: HYUKJAE IS SO SKINNY, he’s totally covered by the female dancer when they turn to face our section to do the train thingy (and heenim ‘raped’ hae LOL)

GAHHHHH @below me T————————T

Thanks to jadelerie @ SJ-WORLD.net
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