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Super Junior Proves Their Popularity In Brazil Once Again

The South Korean group Super Junior gains recognition in Brazil once again.

The February edition of NeoTokyo, a magazine that promotes the Asian culture amongst Brazilian fans, published a special article about Super Junior. Through 11 pages filled with details, the Brazilian public gets to know Super Junior better reading about their debut days, the story behind their 4 albums, their subgroups and their success as Hallyu stars. And this isn’t the first time the group receives interest from the Brazilian media.

Last year, during the group’s 4jib promotions, Bonamana entered the Brazilian Trending Topics making Super Junior a famous Korean group in the country. After seeing “Bonamana” for several days as a hot topic in Brazil, even some celebrities got curious and started listening to Super Junior and turned into kpop fans.

Super Junior fame in Brazil was verified by a survey held by the Korean Culture and Industry Exchange Foundation entitled “Which is the group Brazilian fans most want to see live in their country?”. Brazilian fans chose Super Junior with 2137 votes when about 2800 people answered the poll. When the survey’s result was published, it even got attention from a Super Junior member.
Eunhyuk tweeted on November 17,2010:

@AllRiseSilver sssssssamba!!!!!!!!! 우와….이젠 브라질까지? 감사합니다 브라질팬여러분 ㅜㅜ
Trans: sssssssamba!!!!!!!!! Wow… Now even in Brazil? Thanks to all brazilian fansㅜㅜ Soon, I’ll be there to play soccer! ^^

Each and everyday the Korean group gathers more fans in Brazil and their popularity tends to grow even further not only there but in whole Latin America. The NeoTokyo article’s headline couldn’t be more right: “Super Junior: the Korean phenomenon takes over the world”

Article by Hato Brazil Team
Eunhyuk’s tweet translation by: FishySekai @ dkpopnews.net


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