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[tw] 110125 Kibum 3 tweets + Heechul’s replies

창민아 연아 대박나라 사랑한다
Changmin ah, Yeon(hee) ah, (your drama) will be a big hit, I love you

From @Heedictator: @ikmubmik 창민아 연아 대 박나라 << 이걸로 보고 쌈났나 했다ㅋㅋ
@ikmubmik Changmin ah, Yeon(hee) ah, (your drama) will be a big hit << (I) feel like picking a fight when I see thisㅋㅋ

@Heedictator 김희철.. 내가아는 남자중에 굉장히 남자다운 남자.. 연예인의 끼가 다분한 남자.. 부러운 순간이 엄청나게많다.. 이남자 멋있다
@Heedictator Kim Heechul.. Among the guys I know (he’s) the most manly one.. A guy who’s (really) talented as an artiste.. (There are) many instances when I’m envious.. Such a guy is cool

From @Heedictator: @ikmubmik 옛날 너랑 동해랑 윤호랑 우리 다같이 살았을때 생각나네ㅋㅋ죄다 나 멋지다 그러고ㅋㅋ그런데 결국 지금 쏠로ㅡㅡ주변엔 남동생들만 형님 형님.. 여자한테 인기 없음..
@ikmubmik I remember in the past when you, Donghae, Yunho, (and I) used to stay togetherㅋㅋ(You guys said) I was the coolest among usㅋㅋBut now I’m still aloneㅡㅡThere are only younger guys around me calling me “Hyung-nim hyung-nim”.. I am not popular with the ladies..

@Heedictator 우리 희철이형 윤호형 동해형 결혼할여자4명이랑같이8명이서 2층집 만들어서 같이 살자고했던거 생각나네.. 노력해봐요 우리!ㅋ 근데 형 우린 왜 여자가없을까요
@Heedictator I remember (we once said) together with the 4 women who would be married to Heechulee-hyung, Yunho-hyung, Donghae-hyung, (and I,) the 8 of us should build a 2-story house and all live together.. Let’s work hard! ㅋ But hyung, why don’t we have girl(friend)s

From @Heedictator: @ikmubmik 넌 너무 무뚝뚝하고 난 너무 마초적이야. 여자들은 우리 같은 타입보단 부드럽고 달콤한 요플레 같은 남자를 선호한다고
@ikmubmik You’re too blunt and I’m too macho. As compared to types like us, girls prefer the gentle and sweet guys that are like Yoplait*

*A brand of yogurt.

Source: @ikmubmik
Translated by Euodsie@SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with proper credits.

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