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110124 Hangeng 4 Weibo Updates + Photo

Weibo cocktail party’s present for the Weibo Kong*!

* 微博控/Weibo Kong is a term used to describe the group of people who are addicted to Weibo.18:03 GMT+8 (19:03 KST)

(If you) love art, (then) read Bazaar Art!

@ 时尚芭莎:为了艺术!转一下!:中国第一本国际化艺术杂志《芭莎艺术》今天正式创刊啦!怀着对艺术的真诚与热爱,芭莎艺术为你奉献:品鉴最新艺术的知识, 购买最佳艺术品的专业宝典,了解艺术世界的传略集成…通向艺术世界的桥梁,从全新《芭莎艺术》开始吧!全国发售附赠艺术家创作的手袋。爱艺术,看芭莎艺 术!
@Fashion Bazaar: For the sake of art! Pass it around!: China’s first internationalised art magazine 《Bazaar Art》 has officially been published today! Holding the sincerity and passion for art, Bazaart Art presents to you: Tasting the newest knowledge of art, buying the best professional collection of artworks, understanding the integrated biography of the artistic world… the bridge that leads to the world of art, begins from the all-new 《Bazaar Art》! On-sale nationwide(, and) comes with a bag designed by artists. Love art, read Bazaar Art!

18:09 GMT+8 (19:09 KST)

The wireless integrated desktop is really too reliable

18:13 GMT+8 (19:13 KST)

Seeing that everyone’s reactions towards the Sprite Music Awards’ newly revised programme isn’t bad, I’ve decided that (during) the Hong Kong fanmeeting event on the 30th, I’ll try something new. Bringing all of you a different (type of) performance. Hehe!

21:55 GMT+8 (22:55 KST)

Source: Han Geng’s Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
Images uploaded and shared by IINA @ sj-world.net
Please take out with FULL and proper credits.

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