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[PICS/NEWS] Hangeng defends SM Entertainment in Marie Claire China


Hangeng recently did a photoshoot for Marie Claire China, and while the photos were indeed gorgeous, fans were more interested in what he had to say about the scandal of ’slave contracts’ back in Korea.

Many were under the impression that Hangeng himself was under a ’slave contract’, but the former Super Junior star came to the defense of SM Entertainment and denied that his former agency would ever utilize such a system.

The following is an excerpt from his interview:

“The day of the interview was also the day he won his lawsuit against SM Entertainment, which had been going on for a year prior to its close. A year ago today, he had filed to terminate his contract and thus angered his agency. Although a portion of his Super Junior members expressed their dissatisfaction with his decision, such things could not hold him back.

Throughout the year, he’s appeared in many TV programs, as well as released one solo album. While holding his first solo concert, he became closer with the media, and stimulated public interest.

His brimming schedule was probably to blame for such abnormal sentiments. It was only until a year ago today that he reminisced of the time he signed his contract. If there was one thing he was hesitant or scared of at the time, it was probably fundamental change. “If I hadn’t gone to Korea and remained in Beijing, I would’ve probably lived a normal life teaching students.”

[The reporter] asked, “Have you ever resented your father? Although it was your own decision, he never blocked you from signing the contract.” Hangeng replied, “No, even if he was against it, I would’ve still signed the contract. It was an opportunity.” He grabbed the opportunity, and took a flight to Korea.

Many entertainment articles once reported that trainees endure strict training, are prohibited from dating, have their personal feelings ignored, are taught a sense of group consciousness, and sometimes are even charged by their companies to ‘entertain’ outside of their normal schedules with liquor.

When [the reporter] mentioned the report, Hangeng denied the statement and explained, “SM is never like that. I’m not sure how other companies work, but SM would never do that.” I wonder if this, too, was a trace left inside of him by his company, as he never says anything impulsively.”

Source: This Charming Man Naver Blog

cr. taken from allkpop

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