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[NEWS/tw] Heechul replies to an anti-fan on twitter w/a series of tweets

After expressing his thoughts against rumors surrounding SM Entertainment’s slave contracts through his interview with “GQ” magazine, Super Junior’s Heechul left a series of impassioned tweets to defend his stance.

Reportedly, Heechul became very upset by a tweet from an anti, which read:

RT @1226****** Stop acting out, did you toss your respect into the Han River?? Or did you sell it at the market? You’re a slave, who do you think you are bi******? Ah… Since you’re a slave, did your master order you to act out too? If you shut up, at least no one will notice, don’t you think?

Heechul re-tweeted the message, and then wrote the following on January 24th:

Whether it’s studying or what-have-you, you should be spending your time worrying about the country, society, or the economy. In the time you have to read replies, read newspaper editorials, instead you…  What’s the point in knowing how to read if you can’t even understand it? Without end, all of your arguments are just illogical.. At least if you sit still, you won’t be noticed. Woof woof~

The public probably doesn’t even care about me or you. You can’t even be sure that they’ll read this post either. If they think I’m funny, then they think I’m funny.. If I’m not, then I’m not. Don’t go running around acting as if you’re a representative of the public.

In the time you’re spending in bringing down others, have you ever thought of being filial towards your parents? Instead of lighting fires in your eyes, turn on the lamp in your room and think about your future. I suppose I’m childish for arguing with the people who are taking a dump on me… All of you, if you’re going to take a dump on something, go do it in your own bathrooms.

And all of you dogs who run around with eyes red in search of something to rip apart. It’s obvious you guys are lacking something, which is why you run around like crazy fools, exaggerating every little thing…  Realize that just because you are part of the public does not mean you are embody the society as a whole.

To be thankful that I can be filial towards my parents, and to have something I can call ‘mine’ so early on… Do I look like a slave? People that have vast experiences living as a member of society will never think of me as a slave. I’m not sure whether or not they will see, but I would like to thank the public ^-^

I would like to ask the public: Do I seem like a slave?  Do I not look free? Before I became a celebrity, like many others, I worked part-time for a company.. I experienced a bit of society, which is why I’m thankful for my life right now as I live on.”

Source + Photos: @heedictator taken from allkpop

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One comment on “[NEWS/tw] Heechul replies to an anti-fan on twitter w/a series of tweets

  1. wooowww!!!!!
    nice reply heechul shi…^_^

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