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[INTERVIEW] 110118 Heechul’s interview w/ Star News

Kim Heechul broke the “5 big” taboos therefore he is the “Space Big ☆”

Super Junior’s member Kim Heechul (28) has been in the entertainment industry for more than 5 years, and is now entering the highest peak of his career. Recently, he was added as the new MC in MBC’s popular programme <Golden Fishery Radio Star>, and he was also selected as the new MC of MBC’s <Night of Brilliant Memories>. Aside from that, he is also the DJ of SBS’s <Kim Heechul’s Young Street>.

When SJ debuted in 2005, Kim Heechul attracted the fans’ attention with his pretty boy appearance. During debut, rather than saying that he has a handsome look, it is more appropriate to say that he looked beautiful. Kim Heechul debuted as a singer, but also took part in KBS’s teen drama “Banolim 2” receiving twice as much of attention from fans.

However, his individualistic actions without the care for the world, is very different from other idols during that period of time, causing him to receive lots of criticism. Kim Heechul who is from Kangwondo grew in a natural environment without having to strive much, and he speaks out whatever that is on his mind just as how everyone sees his straightforward and blunt personality on screen. If we were to divide his fans into parts, his anti-fans would account for half of the total parts.

Even so, in the 6-year period that he had made his debut, Kim Heechul has maintained his personality without being affected by anything. Now, the general public has already begun to accept and acknowledge his straightforwardness and personal values. Kim Heechul is someone who speaks his mind.

Kim Heechul’s anti-fans have slowly became a true fan, and as an idol star he should feel happy. The general public have also begun to understand and like him, gradually giving him positive feedbacks. Let’s see how Kim Heechul broke the 5 Big taboos.

The self-claimed Space Big ☆’s battle with Kim Gura

Before Kim Heechul’s debut, an idol’s virtue is to be as humble as possible. Regardless of how outstanding the idol is in terms of appearance or other aspects, they could only humbly answer to the compliments. But Kim Heechul is different since his debut. He would outrightly declare that “I am better looking than others” and also give other similar comments. Because of this, he has attracted many antis. But in these 5 years, his straightforward and pure personality which did not change caused even his anti-fans to realise his true nature.

Now even when he says that “I am the Space Big ☆” on programmes, compared to those who are unhappy, there are more fans that smile after hearing his remark.

Kim Heechul uses his straightforward nature as his basic principle even against “Radio Star” viper tongue Kim Gura, saying what he needs to say to rebut his comments while maintaining his manners, and even showing celebratory moves like high fives after that. It can be said that this is only possible because he is the Space Big ☆ Kim Heechul.

“Actually I am a very well mannered child. But regardless of who that person is, I will not lie to him. The same applies to Kim Gura. Of course hyung really takes care of me. It’s true, it’s weird, and I feel that Kim Gura hyung, Min Soo hyung and I are all viper tongues. They are also straightforward aren’t they? Haha.”

The first person that imitated “SM President” Lee Soo Man’s voice is of course none other than Kim Heechul

Kim Heechul’s straightforward personality has many times caused the staff of SM to panic. Especially not long after his debut, he imitated SM President Lee Soo Man’s voice on a programme, causing the managers to be shocked. It’s because he is the first person to do so.

He explained that: “During the programme, I did an imitation of teacher (Lee Soo Man)’s voice. I did it because I think it is interesting but the hyungs panicked. They even asked the PD-nims if they should edit that part out, therefore I gave teacher a call, “It is a voice imitation done with good content, can we broadcast that part?” Teacher coolly answered “Because our Heechul is a well mannered child, therefore I believe you. You are that type that if you are not allowed to do it, you will go all out to do it even more aggressively kind of person, broadcast it.” Later on more SM singers started to imitate teacher’s voice. Haha”

SM singer said “YG JYP” fighting on TV programme

YG Entertainment is deemed as the rival of SM in the Korean music industry. Although JYP Entertainment is competing in good faith, but in any case, the artist of the same company would usually give encouragement to the company’s own artists. However Space Big ☆Kim Heechul is different as described. Firstly, when he was asked to choose the most adorable member of a girl group, he did not choose SM’s girl group, but instead JYP Wonder Girl’s, So Hee. This has officially been broadcasted through programmes.

SNSD member, Yoona who thought she was close to Heechul asked “Why does Oppa think that So Hee is adorable?” Heechul interestingly replied “Aren’t you closer to 2PM’s Taecyeon compared to me?”. Since its Kim Heechul, Yoona just laughed it off.

Recently, during Youngstreet’s broadcast, Kim Heechul sang YG’s debut song, and while singing, cheered “YG Family, Fighting!” Because it is Kim Heechul who loves SM the most, therefore it gave SM’s fans and staffs a good laugh.

Because there are too much idol music, if only band music could be popular as well

According to Korean age, the already 29-year-old Kim Heechul is currently also the representative of idol stars, but as an idol that hosts a radio show, he said: “It seems like only idol music are receiving a lot of attention”, and even commented that “but band music and other genres of music also has lots of diversity and variety, if only they can receive equal support, that would be great.”

Kim Heechul is one of the DJs that hosts “Young Street” radio for the longest time, and would of course listen to the many latest hit songs, at the same time he has many thoughts about music diversity. It is because he feels that only with other genres of music receiving support, only then idol’s music can truly obtain the attention. This point of view is definitely from Kim Heechul without prejudice.

Kim Hee Chul that receives understanding despite saying that he is siblings with BoA and calling IU a “student singer”

There are few that can act without any worries or fears with “Asia Star” BoA. Many would not be able to compare in terms of appearance and capability, however, Kim Heechul is a different case. During the radio broadcast Heechul said to BoA that “your ability to drink cannot be underestimated”. Of course BoA just laughed it off, because she understands Heechul’s personality and true nature. It’s because of this that the both of them are termed as the “personality siblings” in the music industry by their fans.

Kim Heechul will not change his treatment towards the new national sister IU. Before IU was termed “national sister”, she was a regular guest on “Young Street” and during that period of time Heechul called her the “student singer”. High school student, IU who has the standard and singing ability, is pleased. Despite getting support from many uncle fans, IU still could not escape the fate of getting scolded by Heechul. But of course, IU really like Kim Heechul calling her “student singer”.

“BOA is like a real sister. When the two of us are together, we often share our thoughts and feelings and there are times that we will scold each other. Haha. Right! The first time I saw IU, she was very afraid of me, but now she has become a very good dongsaeng. Although it is difficult to believe, but I am a little shy with strangers, but once we have became closer, the relationship will persist till the end. This type of personality goes well with Boa and IU. Haha.”

Chinese translations: www.heehouse.com; 翻译:盼盼,制图:梅
English translations by: KyU Is L♥Ve @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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