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Super Junior’s Heechul interviewed about his new position on Radio Star

Super Junior’s Heechul recently was interviewed regarding his new position as an MC of the popular variety show ‘Radio Star’, alongside veteran hosts Kim Goora, Yoon Jongshin, and Kim Gookjin. The singer replaced Shin Jung Hwan, who left due to this scandal over gambling.

About replacing him, Heechul stated “[But] it was burdensome for me to think that I have to fill in the shoes of Shin Junghwan hyung. Since Junghwan hyung was the best in thinking quickly and did well in variety shows. Even though I felt burdensome, I thought to myself, I just have to act like myself.”

He went on to describe his surprise regarding he atmosphere of the program in general. “I have wanted to be in this great program as the MC. So when I became the MC, I participated in the taping with lots of anticipations. But I was surprised when the atmosphere of the taping was exactly the same as it was on TV.”

Explaining more on how the show format was, “The MCs don’t help each other. They don’t even help the guests. Why would they help each other?”, showing that it was a very unique atmosphere. And although the singer is known for his work as both a radio DJ, and now an MC, he did reveal his wish to have his own program, after some practice. “I’m going to work hard as part of Super Junior and on my acting career. But I want to focus on becoming a host for a while.”

Have you been tuning in to ‘Radio Star’ to see him?

source: koreaboo

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