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Weibo Update : Han Kyung – 170111


Reblogging Weibo entry

@Han Geng Bar Shaanxi Chapter: Charity, here we come. The annual charity event has started. For more information please visit http://sinaurl.cn/hbn0F8 Time: 16th January Venue: Shaanxi Regression Research Association Children’s Village. The children are all very cute and obedient, let’s all go play with them The chapter will buy some things to be given and donated to them, also hope that everyone can bring some small gifts of their own O(∩_∩)O~ Aside from that it’s also the half-year anniversary of our Shaanxi Chapter’s establishment, so we’re anticipating your participation

12:38 GMT+8 (13:38 KST)


Really this grandson, I’ve seen animals* but none of which are as animalistic as this person, I can’t even begin to imagine how can people stoop down to this extent? // @Da Zuo: I’m going to be pissed to death!! Pissed to death!! This grandson! Grandson! Grandson! Grandson! Grandson! Grandson! // @slhg: This sort of beast! Quickly give him the death penalty! // @Wei Ying Jun: ****!** //@Jia Qi: Having these living things labelled as human, I really can’t accept it // @Xie Chen Xiao Mei: Scum! Scum!!!!!

@韩寒精彩语录I merely watched for less than three minutes, and couldn’t continue watching anymore, move your fingers!! Let this beast be known throughout the world!! Everyone let’s move (support in flesh) http://sinaurl.cn/h9xKGz Really a monster.

* ‘Animals’ in this context refers to inhumane people.
** T/N: Yeah, he swore. Best not to translate ㅋ

T/N: For those who are wondering about the whole cursing thing going on in various people’s comments above, they’re basically talking about the 13-minute video which has the recordings of a grandson hitting his grandfather until the man became blind…

02:54 GMT+8 (03:54 KST)

Using this integrated desktop’s large screen to watch the three-part movie MV of Geng Xin, the feeling’s greater!


Source: Han Geng’s Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
Shared by IINA @ sj-world.net

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