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[NEWS] 110115 SS3 in Malaysia clash with ‘My Astro’ Awards ceremony

MY FM SJ撞日期搶場地


難道Super Junior的粉絲今年都犯太歲?各個都要接受一波又一波的“驚喜”?
(吉隆坡訊)“Super Junior Show 3”(SS3)真的多災多難,經歷換主辦單位、換日期的波折后,又面臨與《MY Astro至尊流行榜頒獎典禮》撞日期、搶場地的局面!到底3月19日誰能順利登上武吉加里爾布特拉室內體育館?

“SS3”大馬演唱會再撞板,今次尬上了《MY Astro至尊流行榜頒獎典禮》!

根據記者的查詢,“SS3”的主辦單位RITS已定了武吉加里爾布特拉室內體育館3月19日的檔期,並已支付了一半場地租金,但MY FM及Astro已在本月5日舉辦發布會宣布《MY Astro至尊流行榜頒獎典禮》將于3月19日在同一地點舉行,導致“搶場地”局面!

由于“SS3”主辦單位RITS的負責人沒有接聽電話,而MY FM節目部高級經理李治成目前身在臺北,暫時無法對此事件作出回應,讓“319”事件,斗得更激烈。





另一方面,人氣如日方中的Super Junior檔期也不容易調動,相信主辦商RITS也同樣面對相同問題。





Super Junior來馬開唱可謂狀況連連,從去年的主辦商Redstar Presents退出,到至今的場地爭霸戰,SJ能否順利登陸武吉加里爾布特拉室內體育館開唱呢?

TRANSLATION: (Kuala Lumpur) “Super Junior Show 3” (SS3) is really faced with many problems, after going through the change of concert organiser and then change of date, it now encounters the clash of event venue with <<MY ASTRO Billboard Award Ceremony>>! So on March 19, who will be able to successfully take the stage at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium?

According to the reporter’s query, “SS3” organiser has already made reservation for the venue on March 19 and at the same time paid half of the venue rental. However, MY FM and ASTRO have held their press conference on the 5th of January announcing that <<MY ASTRO Billboard Award Ceremony>> will take place in the same venue leading to the clash.

Because the “SS3” head of organisers RITS did not pick up the phone, and MY FM’s senior manager Mr Li Zhi Cheng is unable to respond to this incident as he is currently in Taipei, the “319” incident becomes more heated up (intense).
If RITS wins the “319” venue for the concert, “MY” will likely be forced to reschedule to the award ceremony which will be speculated to seriously implicate the work schedule of many overseas artists.

Last year “MY” invited many big names including Eason Chan, Khalil, Kay Tse, and although “MY” has not released the list of attendees, we all know that it is difficult to invite such famous artist, and it is likely that some have been pre-arranged at least 6 months ago, so this “319” incident is likely to affect the schedule of a number of big name singers.

If “MY” takes into the consideration the schedules of these singers, they will have to insist on having the event on March 19. However, there are very limited indoor spaces available. Outdoor venues such as the Merdeka Stadium and the National Stadium would be too big and taking into consideration the weather, the number of venues available is really few.

On the other hand, the popular group Super Junior’s schedule would be difficult to mobilise as well, therefore the organiser, RITS would be facing a similar problem. In any case, hope that both parties will be able to come up with a good solution, after all, the final ones that benefit will be the fans.

It has been said that RITS has been meeting up with a number of media partners, but has yet to announce the ticketing details, causing fans to be concerned, raising their queries on Facebook.

Most of the local fans are nervous about the fare, would like to grab a good seat while overseas fans are concerned about the date of the concert as most have bought their air tickets to fly to Kuala Lumpur when the first concert date (March 26) was announced.
Super Junior’s concert in Malaysia has encountered numerous problems, from last year’s event organiser Redstar Presents withdrawing, to the clash in the event venue, will SJ be able to smoothly have their concert in the Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium?

Translated by: KyU Is L♥Ve @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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