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[PICS/INTERVIEW/SCANS] 110108 Hangeng + Wu Chun interview in Pop Magazine

A MUST READ FOR GENG AND WUCHUN FANS!!! this interview is mainly regarding their upcoming movie, “My Kingdom”, but you learn a lot about the two male leads – very very very entertaining! – there are 3 parts to the interview, below:

Part 1

What is “Brother”

Men from the old Shanghai always slick their hair back and have an “airplane hair style” that has the feel of time and style. However, asking idols to cut their beloved hair, those with “idol baggage” would not easily attempt to do so. Only those who are not afraid to show themselves with out the defense mechanisms of bangs and sideburns and can still look handsome are the real handsome ones.

Brothers (fate)

When we first walked in the filming scene, we saw two people dressed in the Eskimo-esque style of “Flying Fox of the Snow Mountain” fixing their clothing. Looking at the facial structures two people in fuzzy hats, old-looking snow boots, and semi-leather robes, it’s completely believable to say that they are real siblings. Han Geng told us, “when choosing the actors, Xiao Song-ge (T/N: ge = older brother) hoped that we could be seniors and juniors, maybe because he thinks that we look a like, or maybe due to the similar makeup that we look so similar.” As for his personal view of Wu Chun, Han Geng said, “He really is my brother!” But even if it’s just two brothers in life, their must be much predestined affinity.

Wu Chun: “Actually, when I first read the script, I was too scared to accept it because the challenge was way too great. However, after I read more of it, the scrip was really very good and also very special, so I didn’t think that more anymore and accepted it. I also had a meeting with Sammo Hung and he said that he participated in almost two hundred movies, and although he wasn’t satisfied with all of them, every one of the film scripts were ok. However “My Kingdom” is on of the ten or so movies that he was very satisfied with and he gave up a lot of opportunities to participate in this movie. So I thought, even he thinks this way, why am I still thinking so much (Interviewer: Was your decision to participate in his movie influenced by what he said?) Of course, he is such an experienced person, and even he says so and the investors have confidence in me, of course I have to have confidence in myself

Han Geng: “When Xiao Song-ge talked with me, I thought that he really put a lot of time and effort into creating and researching the script. When he was telling me the story, all the images and scenes were in my head and after hearing the whole thing I was interested in it even more. Learning Beijing Opera was also quite interesting. Since I learned traditional Chinese ethic dance, classical dance and ballet, and martial arts, and both Beijing Opera and classical dance are very similar in body movement and vocals. Although the eyes and the hand postures are not quite the same as dance, but because I had some experience, I learned very fast. My Opera teacher always praises me and says I’m smart and has very high comprehension.”

Brothers (Relationship)

Both Wu Chun and Han Geng are “Food Lovers” and take care of each other, Han Geng said, “He brought a pile of food, I brought a pile of food (so it’s two piles in total = =|||): snacks, breads, cookies, so many many.” But since Han Geng loves spicy food, he brought his own hot sauce for the duration of the filming, “as long as there are spicy peppers in the food, I’m happy.” “Your stomach is not good, what if you get a stomach ache?” “I try to ear less.” Han Geng is the type that’s “unhappy without spiciness.” Next time, maybe he should try filming in Sichuan or Hunan (T/N: Sichuan and Hunan are famous for spicy food).

Wu Chun also says that the best way to build relationships with someone is to “eat”, so he and Han Geng’s friendship initially started with their two hour long dinner. Director Gao asked them to look at each other for 30 seconds, then he asked them to go out and eat together, so the two “big stomachs” become friends. In Wu Chun’s words, “this way is really useful, really really useful (stresses on it).” The entire room laughed at that. So, Calvin was right, “as long as you feed Wu Chun, he very easy to get along with. “ Completely True!

Brothers (Each other)

Han Geng started feeling shy after hearing the words “New Big Screens it person”! However, Han Geng was not shy at all for his expectations of this movie, “of course I want a Newcomer’s Award! It is my first time!” During filming, he tried his best to limit his activities, “We can do other things after filming is done”, he said, “I can’t possibly film here while accepting other performances everywhere else.” Putting all efforts in deserves a red flower as a reward (T/N: paper red flowers used to be a common award for primary school kids when they behave well.) As for Wu Chun, although he only had one movie, “Seven Blades”, last year, but this year he first filmed “Sunshine Angel”, and not long afterwards, Fahrenheit started album promos and “My Kingdom” followed that, so he is doing album promos along with filming. He says that it is tiring, really tiring, but also very fulfilling. (T/N: there’s another sentence about Wu Chun that has been cut because I don’t know how to translate it… Chinese idiom thingy)

Interviewer: So What do you guys do waiting for your turn to film?
Han Geng: Well, I amuse myself. I know that it would be kind of boring here, the staff are bored too so I try to make the atmosphere better. We play games, poker, have some punishments like going outside and yelling “I’m a stupid person” and then running back, it even echoed in the hallway. (Please note Wu Chun’s answer later in the article.) (Interviewer: Did you find it embarrassing?) The most important thing was that there was no ~ one ~ around ~ (laughs).

If you have to point out the flaws of the other two leads, what would you think it would be?
Han Geng: Wu Chun’s eyes are too big (laughs), when we were staring at each other he made my heart feel itchy (laughs). Barbie Hsu’s flaw is that her acting is too good. (Interviewer: What about your flaw?) I like talking behind people’s back hahaha~ I’m joking. (Interviewer: Do you talk in Dongbei accent normally?) When I’m playing privately, of curse! (Interviewer: will you cause Wu Chun and Barbie Hsu’s accent to become Dongbei-fied?) (Staff laughing madly) (Mr. Han’s little eyes glared) I’m happy if it causes them to lose their Taipei accent for the film! Haha. Sometimes they just can’t pronounce some of the Beijing-accented lines in the movie. (So you did talk behind their backs after all~)

Interviewer: How do you guys build your relationships in private? Are there events like get togethers?
Han Geng: Because filming is really tight right now, we don’t have much time to go out together. I think after the filming is done the director would treat us all to dinner! When I do have a break I would go to other cities for work-related events, and they would go out and eat really good food, like fish and crabs (lots of expressions of chagrin.) (Interviewer: Did they not leave some for you?) What do you think? (ummm… no?) That’s right. I’m not very picky about food, I eat anything, I’m really easy to raise! (Interviewer: So you would eat a lot at the end of filming feast?) I wouldn’t say that myself, I would get everyone to say it with me ~ (laughs).

Interviewer: How do you build relationships with the rest of the cast?
Wu Chun: Actually the staff don’t talk with us a lot, the conversation is mainly between the actors. He (Han Geng) plays my little brother in the movie. (Interviewer: He also said that you are more like a older brother.) Really? I think he is really like a little kid when we are not filming. When I found out that I was working with him, I asked the director for his number and texted him and said that I’m Wu Chun. (Interviewer: So you initiated contact?) yes. (Interviewer: and then?) He was shocked, maybe he thought that someone was pranking him, so he called me back, “who are you?” “I’m Wu Chun.” (hahaha) I really thought that he got shocked…… and then I asked him out for food to build our relationship.

Interviewer: After spending time together, did you find any flaws on him?
Wu Chun: His face is really small, every time I act with him I would feel that his face is so small and makes him look really young, but he does look a lot like a little brother.

Interviewer: What do you guys play while waiting for your turn?
Wu Chun: Once we were really bored waiting, so we played cards and agreed that the loser had to go outside of the room and yell out loud and Han Geng lost in the first round, so he went out of the makeup room and yelled. (Interviewer: What did he yell?) I think it was, “Han Geng is really handsome” he ran back after he yelled. (Interviewer: This game is not amusing enough, play another one next time.) Eh? Still not amusing enough? It’s my first time playing, I thought it was really fun.

Part 2

What is a Martial Arts Apprentice?
Han Geng and Wu Chun, the popularity of the two brothers is of three ‘no’. In the whole Asia, no stress, no obstacles, and no one can match it. When on a visit to the set, while working, we heard from all the production staffs: ‘My Kingdom’ would be put on the big screens summer next year (T/N: it should be this year, because the magazine was published in December 2010), because the discussion of the overseas’ screening rights is going on fine, there might be promotional activities around the whole of Asia…… powerful! When the time comes, fans will be busy all over again! We shall not talk about how the box office will fare, just in this exclusive interview, the performances of Han Geng and Wu Chun were already vivid.

Scene 1: Two brothers charging into Shanghai together

Keyword: Camera Attraction
The main photographer of ‘Dang magazine’, Chen Da Bo had been visiting the set lots of time and was already used to the schedules. No matter if the filming had not started, he will be looking for something to take. From what Uncle Chen took, we can only see Director Gao wearing a pair of sunglasses, with his arms on his waist and was striking a powerful stance, ‘Is Director Gao posing for your pictures?’ Although Uncle Chen denied after that and said that Director Gao was looking at the set and lightings, but when the pictures were shown, it was exactly like an outdoor photo shoot of Director Gao. Director Gao, if you want to have some stylish photos for the movie promotion, you can take them from us, we will be giving them to you for free.

Keyword: What is the situation now?
That day, they were filming the scene of which Guan Yi Long (Wu Chun) and Meng Er Kui (Han Geng) charging to Shanghai to take revenge after their master passed away but instead, they met the daughter of their enemy, Mu Lan (Da S). Before the start of the filming, Director Gao and the two male leads were standing together and discussing about something. We don’t know what they were discussing about, but the two handsome guys kept nodding their heads and the situation looked quite funny. When the filming officially started, the man holding the microphone had to look for places to stand in order not to appear in the scene and at the same time, he needs catch up with their fast rhythm…… it was really hard on him! The first take was unsuccessful because the microphone can be seen in the scene. The second take was unsuccessful as well because the positions of the male leads and the extras were wrong. At the third take, everything was going on fine but the problem came from Director Gao. When everything was going on fine, the two male leads and the extras were already fighting, Director Gao suddenly shouted: ‘I did not ask to stop, who asked you all to stop?’ All the main leads and staffs were shocked, and the deputy director said: ‘No one shouted to stop, everyone is acting now?!’ Director Gao was shocked: ‘Ah? Why did I hear someone shouting to stop? Hais, let’s do it again then.’ Director Gao, this time, you are the one who messed things up!

Keyword: Where is Da S?
Because we wanted to look at the effect of the scenes, so we chose to stand beside Director Gao, it is convenient to look at the television screen (Haha), in the end, we heard: ‘Mu Lan, you don’t need to rush out for your line.’ Ah? Da S is also at the scene? Where, where? After looking around for a while, then we found a woman who looked like Da S, with a full opera makeup – she should be the stand-in actress for Da S. It was quite tiring to stand on the wooden box with heavy makeup and everything.

Scene 2: Amazing appearance cause frenzy among reporters

Keyword: Appearance
This set is to film another angle of the previous set, the two male leads, Han Geng and Wu Chun will have a magnificent opera appearance. It was difficult for the two male leads, posing to the left and to the right but it was still not of satisfactory standard. Because they have lots of knifes and spears on them, all these long and sharp objects would block their faces, Han Geng also suggested halfway through filming: ‘We will look towards the right first and then appearing together before looking to the left……’ In the end, with the help of a professional teacher, younger brother Han appeared using a horse-riding stance, elder brother Wu appeared coolly beside. The ‘news photo’ appeared magnificently the next day in this situation!

Keyword: Playing around
In the movie, they are brothers and out of the movie, they are pretty close as well. They don’t need the help of the makeup artiste to adjust their hat and outfits. They are just like the mirror of each other so they would just adjust it themselves. But at times, they would start playing around if they accidentally touched the sensitive, itchy spot. They would start acting out the scene of ‘attacking chest area’. They were not avoiding anything at all. May I ask just how close the both of you are? And also, when striking a pose, they could pose like the Monkey King and in the end, started laughing at themselves. This movie was just filmed in such a joyous mood?!

Keyword: Photography
Our photographer was rushing from scenes to scenes as well. After taking pictures of the set, director and group of extras, he would also take pictures of the two male leads during their break time for exclusive shots. The two brothers were trying to figure the functions of the buttons and doing experiments with the angles of the camera. They saw Uncle Chen loitering around their sight and Han Geng started to take pictures of him to test his skills. Although Uncle Chen was there at many major award presentation ceremony like Golden Horse Awards and Academy Awards, he was obviously uncomfortable at people taking pictures of him even with the fact that he had been taking pictures of other people. Especially when he was looking at Han Geng and Wu Chun debating which pictures was good or bad, he got shy and walked away quickly!

Keyword: Looking at the replay
The two brothers always made it on the first take. Director Gao praised and encouraged them at the same time: ‘Good, fantastic, we secured another success on first take.’ After every shot, the first thing they would do is to run over to watch the replay, looking at their expression and the light in their eyes!
But to the outsiders’ eyes, when the both of them sat down in that direction, it just looked like a poster! During the break time, we saw Han Geng’s assistant passing him a water tumbler, after looking at it carefully, there was flower tea in it. Han Geng said: ‘It would not be as blend to drink tea as compared to drinking water and it could reduce heat in our body.’ But the focus is on the water tumbler, there is a cartoon sticker on it. There is a cartoon version of Han Geng with horns on the heads with the accompaniment of some ‘red words’. ‘This is a gift from fans?’ ‘Yes! It looks really good right?! Everyone in the set has one!’ This little kid here is proud!

Scene 3: Wu Chun meeting Da S at night
(The crew requested us not to take any pictures of any scenes with Da S in it. So, just listen to me and let your imagination run wild)

Keyword: Cold
After sunset, the set is very cold. While rehearsing and waiting for their scenes, Wu Chun and Da S would be wearing thick coats. Wu Chun would be stepping his feet repeatedly on the ground, and while changing the camera angles, he would change the warm sticky pads. Ai, for someone who used to live in the tropical areas, this cold weather below zero degrees Celsius is unbearable. But when the camera start rolling, the coldness he felt goes away immediately.

Keyword: Being serious
The production crew of ‘My Kingdom’ was split into A and B, non-fighting and fighting crews. In order to make sure that they don’t have the need to keep re-filming a single action, most of the cameras were stationed at the fighting scene crew. The day when we were at the set, they were filming most of the non-fighting scenes and there were only two cameras. After taking the close up shot of Da S, it would also means that they would need to act all over again to take the close up shot of Wu Chun. Maybe in order to make sure that it is perfect, at the second take, the director wanted Wu Chun to stand on a spot that was a little further than the previous spot, and this would also affect the walking spot of Wu Chun later on. Wu Chun asked seriously: ‘Just now, I am standing over here, now…… the spot is a little different……’ He is really meticulous, I did not even think about this problem.

Keyword: Not allowed to talk, fabulous acting
The big scene in the afternoon was a little noisier, but the night scene was a one-to-one. They need to record the voices at the same time, so the expectations toward the environment were very high, we could only hear Director Gao shouting: ‘Don’t talk, do not talk at all.’ After several takes, other than because of some external factors, they would need to do a re-take as well if the microphone got into the scene…… On the last take which went well, Director Gao exclaimed loudly: ‘Wu Chun, perfect acting, you acted really well.’ Want to know which scene was that in the movie? Hm, this is a secret, tell you in the next time.

Part 3: What does it take to be a gain

This visit to the set, I gained a lot!

– An account by Miaomiao from visiting the set of ‘My Kingdom’

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of Han Geng. Because he is filming for ‘My Kingdom’, most of his time was spent in Shanghai. I met him at the ‘Beyond the limit’ concert, Shanghai Fashion Awards, a visit to the set of ‘My Kingdom’, Meng Ting Wei’s concert, and the happiness is overwhelming.

Although I have written a lot about Han Geng, but this visit to the set of ‘My Kingdom’ was my first official ‘interview’ with him. Due to time constraint, I did not prepare the questions to ask in details. And, also due to the fact that the interview was done during the filming break, the idea of sitting down and having a long interview turned into bubbles. I was a little nervous but I felt that this visit to the set was really successful. It was so successful that my brain was filled to the brim with all the memories. Even though it had been a while, I can still clearly remember what he said that day, all the facial expressions and small actions he had.

Han Geng is very shy in regards to the description of ‘Precious Newcomer on screen’. But because it is his first time, he really wish to receive the ‘Newcomer’s Award’ with this movie. He said that he is lacking in memorizing script so he is still learning in the process. He said that he like challenging characters. He will be okay if you want him to act as a baddie, or even a person with mental problem. He had always wanted to be an actor, and finally, his dreams came true, he is very happy and he felt really energetic working now. He said a lot…… but I did not throw anymore questions at him due to some unforeseen circumstances…… this can be something good, leaving some regrets so that I can do a better interview in future.

After the interview, I asked him to write a sentence for our readers. (Student Han heard ‘for our readers’ as ‘tell a lie’ ==lll what is the relationship between the two terms?) At that time, a thick black marker cannot be found so his staff gave him a ballpoint pen to sign. This little kid signed really enthusiastically, but in the end, he wasn’t careful and signed wrongly. On this visit, I gave him ‘Battle’ and ‘Seeing You to be You’, two issues of ‘Dang Dai Magazine’ which had him on the cover. I wrote a sentence: ‘I hope that you will go on the cover of magazine, ‘Movies’.’ He smiled and asked softly: ‘Where and when were these from?’ ‘One is about your solo concert and another one is about your fan meet in Shanghai.’ Han Geng’s publicity manager said shortly after: ‘You don’t have the newest issue of ‘Dang Dai’ magazine about the worldwide top 50 artistes? I saw it on the internet!’ Er…… I was shot even when I am doing nothing, I only brought two issues. His publicity manager only could said in ‘protest’: ‘I will buy it later~~’. At the same time, he was looking at the magazines carefully and kept them in his hands. Before he goes, I said: ‘Remember to read them when you are free!’ He said: ‘I know!’

I went back to the office after the visit, reminiscing about what happened, the happy, nice, touching and regretful moments~. When I am finally myself again, I read the articles I wrote in ‘Dang Dai’ magazines again. When I realized that he might be reading the articles I wrote, that moment, was awkward, embarrassing and funny. I will never give the magazines myself ever again! But I did read them all over again seriously, it is still really touching.

– An account by Paopao from visiting the set of ‘My Kingdom’

On the second day after returning from the set of ‘My Kingdom’, student Qiaoqiao suddenly said something: ‘Actually I am really envious of you, you can see your favourite handsome guy almost every month. We don’t even have a chance to take a glance.’ Er ~~~ I am embarrassed by that sentence! I expressed that I am definitely not trying to hold on to the chance to see handsome guys. Comparing to student Miaomiao’s first long interview with Han Geng (Miaomiao denied), I am really luckier. Using the example of when we were introduced to Wu Chun’s manager by publicity manager of , the manager said: ‘I am familiar with her, I see her all the time.’ Other than being a little embarrassed, I have to admit that I am a little proud about this, haha.

After I see Wu Chun and thinking back, I would always be touched by Wu Chun’s care. However, this point seems to match my carelessness. That day, the interview was split into 3 parts. The first half was done in the hotel and the other half was done at the set and the resting room. In the first part, we agreed on a 15 minutes interview however, we were interrupted only after 5 minutes because the set is waiting for him to start the filming. So, he must leave immediately. But, in order to let our photographer to take some exclusive photos, I practically pulled him down from the car. I was lucky that they are all nice people, our photographer, Uncle Chen said after that: ‘You were really fierce and you dare to do such things. You are lucky that they were not angry, if not, what’ll happen to you?’ So I must clarify myself here, I am not abrupt. I just wanted a perfect ending. Of course, I don’t have the chance to apologize myself, so I shall apologize here.’

Once, a reporter said after doing an interview with an artiste: ‘Do not expect your interviewee to cooperate with you, also do not expect your interviewee to tell you everything from his/her heart. Do not fret over how much words did they said out of courtesy. Just think about how you can get things out of them.’ But, I always fail in the presence of Wu Chun. I am not sure if he sounded too sincere, or that he looked really sincere, or was it because of his big and sparkly eyes. Or was it due to the fact that he always asked caringly if the interview was recorded when he saw that the screen of my recording pen went black. (I always have to explain: ‘This is the power-saving function, it will lock the screen automatically to save energy.’) So I always said: ‘Wu Chun’s interview would be awesome.’ He is awesome, indeed. He will say what he can, even if he should not say something, he would say a lot as well. (Actually, I ‘cheated’ some out of him, if Wu Chun knows about it, don’t be angry, alright? Hahaha) But if the information cannot be published beforehand, I would definitely not write about it. I shall keep it to myself first and you all shall look forward to it.

Script arranger walking around
In everyone’s heart, there is a ‘Da Wu Sheng’ (T/N: It’s only logical to type this out)

– While waiting for their turn, all the actors showed their original truth state: those who were chatting, continued to chat; those who were supposed to be changing the respective sets, continued to do the changing, things were done in an orderly manner. However for student Wu Chun, his assistant and publicity manager were nowhere to be found so he was sitting there obediently and was looking around with no focus. In the end, no one was taking note of him ~~~ so he walked away quietly, haha! Because it was really cold at the set, Paopao and I stayed under the sun in a bright area. In order to spend the boring time waiting, Paopao actually started playing ‘Plants VS Zombie’ on her phone so seriously. She completely forget about herself to the extent that all the actors were looking at her (including her interviewee, Mr. Wu Chun) and she didn’t know at all. I told her about it after that, she was so frustrated about it, why? ‘If I knew Wu Chun was bored, I would look for him for a chat and not playing the game, then he won’t be bored anymore.’ Childish!!!

– After finishing my interview with Han Geng, I realized student Paopao was missing. I found out after asking around that Wu Chun went back to his resting room to change. Considering that it was really cold at the set, his caring manager went back to the set and fetched student Paopao to his resting room for the interview, I was so touched after listening to it. In the end, the interview only went on for 5 minutes, master Chun was called back for filming. The only thing I could do is to wait for him with student Paopao in the cold wind and under the moonlight. After about one hour, we got news from his publicity manager that the interview can go on. However, Wu Chun need to go back to change and at the same time, go to another set for another scene. Student Paopao had no choice but to do the interview on the way there, Uncle Chen and I were following behind slowly. Suddenly we saw a group of people going onto the car, and it went off quickly. I was shocked! This, this, so what is the situation now? Even if we used the speed of Liu Xiang, we still won’t be able to catch up with them, ==lll Uncle Chen and I sighed while looking at the ‘car’ – we don’t have such luck, we could only resign to fate and walk back to their resting room while shivering in the cold wind.

– Wu Chun and his manager were really friendly. I would not talk about taking pictures together or whatever the welfare we had. Because both of our heights were not awesome, this gentleman bends down a little caringly so that the image would not be weird due to height issues. After we took our pictures, we wanted to send him off but he went over to our photographer and asked him: ‘Do you want to take a picture as well?’ His manager said in a friendly manner: ‘If you are worried that no one can take for you, I can help.’ Our photographer was shocked: ‘No, no.’ But after Wu Chun left, we asked him: ‘He already asked you, why didn’t you take one picture with him?’ ‘Maybe I am too nervous, my mind went blank.’ After making sure that Uncle Chen’s regrets, we went to look at our pictures – brother, the pictures are blurred! Your hands were really shaking! (From: Miaomiao)

– Walking into the set, we saw numerous extras and we guessed that they would be filming a big scene. But the problem was that when there are so many people, looking for the main leads would be tedious so I shall highlight what happened. We saw a tall guy in the crowd and he looked like our Mr. Wu Chun, so I took out my phone and, ‘Ka ka ka’ obviously trying to sneak a few shots. Er ~~ suddenly a beautiful looking guy appeared and blocked half of my handsome guy. Uncle Chen shouted immediately: ‘Little brother, you are blocking my camera view.’ Just after shouting, he realized: He is Han Geng! OMG~~ but it was still okay, Mr. Er Kui did not hear what we shouted, we scared ourselves for nothing, hahaha!

– Opera teacher was instructing them how to do an opera pose. Miaomiao was really happy looking by the side, ‘You see how they posed, it was really funny.’ Miaomiao who was so happy, imitated Wu Chun’s pose and it was a pretty good imitation. Suddenly, a guy walked over, stared at Miaomiao for awhile then walked away quietly after that. Miaomiao said: ‘Who is that? Why is he looking at my posing, it was so funny, that’s why I did an imitation!’ I did not want to shock her but: ‘Er……that person just now was Wu Chun’s cousin. You were imitating his brother so it is natural that he will look at you.’ Miaomiao froze on the spot: ‘Er……’
– Brother Geng is actually a really chatty person. Once the topic is right, he would not be able to stop. He got high after chatting for a while with Miaomiao. In the middle of the interview, the publicity manager came and informed him to prepare himself for the next scene, he said: ‘Wait for me, I must tell you this story, it is very funny.’ Basically, observing their interview by the side, I only could use ‘really enjoyable’ to describe it. After Han Geng wrapped up his interview with Miaomiao at the set, he went back to the resting room, preparing to change and go back to the hotel. At the time, I was in the resting room, doing an interview with Wu Chun during his free time. I saw a guy came in and took off his hat carelessly. When he was about to talk to Wu Chun, he saw me and was shocked: ‘Er, you are here.’ Hahahaha, then I looked at him putting his furry hat back onto his head. Aiyo, brother Geng, don’t treat me as an outside, I already saw the hairstyle of yours without the sideburns, don’t be shy…… Of course, I’ve got one more description for my impression towards Han Geng – ‘Childish’.

– Student Miaomiao has been looking forward to take a picture with her brother Geng. At a time like this, I must show love for my colleagues. The other three of us will definitely give up the chance to take picture with him and let it become Miaomiao’s individual shot with him. Han Geng was holding on to the magazines Miaomiao gave him, he said: ‘Do you want to take with the magazines?’ Then, he held up the magazines automatically. Uncle Chen’s ‘Kacha, kacha, kacha’, this continuous sound recorded this beautiful moment, her favourite idol standing by her side and holding onto the script she wrote diligently. Before he left, he tapped on Miaomiao’s shoulder and said: ‘I am going off, see you again.’ That feeling must be fabulous, right?! Student Miaomiao, tell Han Geng next time, give us a chance to take an individual picture with him as well. (From: Paopao)

Translation: Windchime (Part 1) & huiwensg (Part 2 and 3) @ GENG-BAO.net
Source: Baidu
Take out only with full credits.

]Something else to keep you excited about ‘My Kingdom’:

Someone asked the following question on the movie’s official Facebook:

Not sure if you guys can answer this question yet, but will this movie be released in the U.S. at all or just China? It would be awesome if it was, I know lots of fans would love to see that.

The reply from the movie’s official Facebook was:

We certainly have plans to release this movie theatrically in the US as well as the rest of the world. In fact,the US is a very important market for this movie!

In the movie, universal and relatable themes of loyalty and betraya…l, love and hate, triumph and defeat, are presented in a contemporary context that will greatly excite today’s audiences internationally!
Credit: My Kingdom’s Official Facebook

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