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[tw] 110112 Ryeowook 1 Tweet

@ryeong9 어제 참 많이 왔었죠~~*눈이* 눈길조심하시구 오늘 하루도 화이팅~♥ 숙소앞에 꼬마애들이 만든 눈사람 http://twitpic.com/3p7gps *∇*

@ryeong9 Yesterday really a lot of it came down~~*snow* Be careful on the snowy roads and on this day too fighting~♥ The snowman that kids made in front of the dorms http://twitpic.com/3p7gps *∇*

Translated by. @pastakyu SJ-WORLD.NET

take out with full and proper credits

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Hiiiii^^ I'm Annie, and currently attending school in New Zealand - I am Chinese, so feel free to ask me to translate/explain anything posted w/Chinese in it~XD

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