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[NEWS] 110110 Super Junior SS3 in Taipei tickets sold out in seconds

Korean boyband Super Junior will be coming to Taiwan and having their 「The 3rd ASIA TOUR SUPER SHOW 3 in Taipei」 on March 12 and 13. Following the complete sellout of 14,000 tickets at the pre-ordering session for the Super Dome members on the day before yesterday, the ticketing session that was launched yesterday on the ETA Ticketing System and the Family Mart Convenience Stores saw 6,000 tickets being sold out within seconds, exhibiting Super Junior’s sky-high popularity and marketability.

Before this, because of an overload of the ticketing system’s servers, there was a problem with “booking of tickets over the quota”, and the system was unable to accurately determine the persons who were able to purchase the tickets. Aside from exceeding the outstanding orders and also being charged a fee of 30 yuan, it caused dissatisfaction amongst the fans. The Super Dome (authorities) expressed that: “Due to the program failure, the system was unable to determine the ticket buyers at the same time; we have called up the people one by one in order to communicate with them and help them out with the ticketing problems. The total number of tickets for two sessions (of the concert) remains unchanged, and we did not sell tickets exceeding the quota.”

A lot of fans who were unable to get their tickets expressed their hopes of having extra concert sessions, and regarding this matter, Super Dome commented that: “Let’s not talk about adding sessions for now.”

Super Junior’s concert this time has attracted at least 25,000 fans; whether or not there would be additional sessions would have to depend on the ticketing conditions, and there would only be an answer by next week.

Source: UDN articles here and here.
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
Thanks to in00022 @ sj-world.net for the heads up!

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