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[PICS/NEWS] 110110 Happy d’Artagnan, “The Three Musketeer” Kyuhyun

FROM THE TRANSLATOR@SJ-WORLD.NETThis has to be the best and most interesting thing I’ve ever translated about Kyuhyun, it says a lot about him and what he’s been going through, so I recommend reading it. You can understand his feelings about the musical, his insecurities, and his hopes. It’s veryveryvery ..nice ♥ ^^

The child I’m looking for, you can’t expect to see him
but he’s able to see the wide world, loving little blades of grass

On the way back home from seeing Kyuhyun’s debut performance on the musical stage as the naive and clumsy country bumpkin ‘d’Artagnan’ of <The Three Musketeers>, Camomile’s ‘The child I’m looking for’ recurred to my mind. The 13th member of Super Junior, Kyuhyun, is now playing an active role as a musical actor. The genuine1 young man, Kyuhyun, has completely fallen for the charm of musical curtain calls, and so far he is happily living as d’Artagnan. Kyuhyun, who said “I got accustomed to the high intensity of the seniors’ adlibs to a certain extent,” opened the interview with his feelings about his musical debut “Up to the fourth show2 I was angry with myself.”

1 순수: genuine, pure, innocent.
2 Kyuhyun’s shows: 101221 (8 PM) | 101222 (4 PM, 8 PM) | 101223 | 110102 (3 PM, 7 PM) | 110105 (4 PM, 8 PM) | 110107 (4 PM, 8 PM). He has only four left: 12th and 19th.

Living as ‘d’Artagnan, Kyuhyun’ these days

Starting with <The Three Musketeers>, you climbed on the musical stage.
I did my first show last December, on the 21st. Those days, including the afternoon show, I did four shows in a row in the span of three days. At that time, I was angry with myself. I even held regrets and was like ‘Why on earth did I do it like that’, I freaked out because I also generally lacked understanding in the early stage of this. Luckily, since there were people who told me at that time that I did well and who encouraged me, I was able to come this far. Now I’ve found my own character too, I don’t know if it’s worth praising but I’m no longer angry with myself (laughs).

It’s a show where adlibs3 are essential. So it seems like there are a lot of unexpected situations.
There is a scene where d’Artagnan has to go down to the audience to carry out a mission4 in order to become a musketeer. At first I purely did adlibs only. The first time I was given the mission saying “Kiss the audience”, I was anxious and wondering what I should do, so in the end I couldn’t do it and didn’t budge. Now, I’ve got the know-how. Anything, I’m able to do it all (laughs). Once, in the scene of Jussac and d’Artagnan’s duel, suddenly the sound wouldn’t come out. At that moment, thinking ‘Is this a rehearsal?’, I was going to try asking right that instant “Hyung what do we do?”, then I thought ‘Ah, that’s not what I should do!’ so I just launched right into it. The other seniors, they told me I did well (laughs). I feel that I’m gradually growing more experienced in reacting quickly.

3 That means that you have to improvise, there’s no fixed script.
4 From what I gathered from listening to the musical and reading reviews, there are various “missions” d’Artagnan has to carry out in order to be accepted as a Musketeer by the other three. They’re all rather ridiculous and the Musketeers tease d’Artagnan throughout the whole scene; d’Artagnan has to sing the word ‘wajangchang‘ in a really high note first, and then very low (for ten seconds each). Then he has to kiss someone in the audience, show his arm muscles, and other stuff I don’t remember (laugh like them too, I think). It’s a scene where adlibs, feeling rather bold and acting quickly is really essential, because the rquests may vary.

There’s a lot of reviews saying “Kyuhyun was d’Artagnan himself.”
Aren’t those reports written by fans? I’ve been reading show reviews often, I think there are three major types of review. It’s a mix between my fans complimenting me, and people who like musicals. People who say they unexpectedly liked it or that there’s a gap between the other actors and I. While doing <The Three Musketeers>, on days I think I didn’t really do well, or that it was really strenuous and wore me out, I look at the reviews written by fans. Thinking ‘They support even this kind of image’ really gives me strength. The audience didn’t usually have any expectations because an idol singer’s going to appear, so they either say I was unexpectedly good, or they point out that my vibration is poor, and that my vocalization isn’t for musicals.

The veteran actors too, I heard the reason why they don’t read reviews is that they are ‘demotivational’.
Of course, there are also times I get hurt but, to a beginner like me, I know they’re of vital importance. There’s a lot of malicious comments about me. After debuting as a singer, whether I sing, or act, or engage in public entertainment, people will attack me regardless of the activity, they’re people who leave malicious comments. However, the audience who writes musical reviews, come to see my musical stage and give me remonstrances related to that. It’s not because they’re just antis, they’re people who saw my performance, and just talk about the parts they didn’t like. They’re good in the way that they let me know the aspects of myself that require fixing. 5

5 Those who follow me on twitter know already, but since the press call I’ve been reading every review I could find on Kyuhyun’s fansites, fancafes, and especially on naver blogs, where you can find reviews written by people who are not fans of Kyuhyun. There were a lot of positive ones, but also some saying exactly what he said. Some people harshly criticized his vibrations and singing, and I’ve seen some fans do the same, honestly. It’s a it disheartening, and there’s a high possibility he read those.

Musical stage, these happy days

Have you ever seen the stage of the other d’Artagnan’s (Uhm Kijoon, Kim Mooyeol, Jay)?
I really wanted to see all of them, but because of my schedule I could only see Mooyeol hyung’s d’Artagnan. I saw it before I started my first show6, while thinking ‘Hyung interpreted it like that’ I learnt a lot. Curiously, each and every scene has different interpretations, really. At that time, rather than watching the musical <The Three Musketeers>, I felt as if I was watching Kim Mooyeol’s <The Three Musketeers> because I was following hyung’s movements (laughs).

It seems that you felt great pressure.
In more ways than one. At first it was very difficult. It’s not like I was given the part through an audition, and I also felt incredibly apologetic and even more pressured because I was given a big part in a big production work. Therefore I worked hard, the seniors too understood that and they gave me a lot of help. Mooyeol hyung, even on days he didn’t have practice, would come to teach me things one by one while watching me.

6 I think he may have been able to see Mooyeol’s performance on the day of his own press call on December 16, the musical was at 8 PM and the press call started around 3 PM.

There’s a lot of veteran actors, like actor Kim Buprae, Seo Bumsuk, etc.
Bumsukie hyung, he told me to be louder, without reserve. I’m used to talking softly, and he said I can’t do that in musicals, that I have to be loud even if the line is to be whispered. (laughs). At first I felt really insecure, so I didn’t know how to handle it (laughs). And even then since I kept moving about, senior Kim Buprae told me to just stand still, because if the actor feels uneasy, the audience feels even more uneasy. I was told I had to pretend to not be feeling anxious even if I was. During practice, whenever I was done with one scene and the seniors came to me, they’d give me guidance saying “How about you do it like this”

Ah, looks like it was stressful (laughs).
Not at all. Hearing news about the casting of <The Three Musketeers>, I was thinking that I had to learn acting privately but, one of the suju members, Yesungie hyung, told me “Learning from the seniors of the musical in the practice room is the most accurate way.” I was worried, so I was like ‘What should I do if they don’t want to teach me’, but since the seniors taught me in detail, it was really good.

Singing was a bit easier, right?
Even my singing was subject to a lot of accusing fingers (laughs. As I remained accustomed to when I’m singing on popular music stages, at first I would sing just like a singer. But when you’re singing, you have to act too, I heard a lot of people pointing out that I was just singing, so that part was hard. If I feel that I want to continue as a musical actor, I think I still have mountains to climb.

While doing the musical, what was the moment you felt the most proud?
Super Junior is a two-digit group6 (laughs). Since I’m the youngest member no less, I didn’t receive much attention, but since I receive a lot of attention in the musical even that isn’t so good7 (laughs). The inspiration8 from the first show is truly unforgettable, the curtain call of most shows is touching. During the moment I’m bowing, standing not as d’Artagnan, but as Kyuhyun, it’s really overwhelming because it’s that feeling of saying “I did it.” Standing on stage as d’Artagnan is really exciting, and I think that compared to the activities of a singer, musicals are more fun to do (laughs). It makes me feel really good.

6 Two-digit group as in, the number of members is a two-digit number.
7 What he meant is that in Super Junior he didn’t receive much attention because there’s too many of them, but in the musical he receives too much, so he feels pressured because everybody focuses on him alone.
8 감흥: inspiration, interest, fun; you pick.

‘Today he isn’t living as the 13th member, but in Kyuyun’s name.

I’ve heard a story about composer Yoo Youngsuk saying “You’re a genius, where did you come from?”. It looks like it was a ‘belated discovery of Kyuhyun’.
Ahem, I’m nothing like a genius. Senior Yoo Youngsuk helped with Super Junior’s 3rd album, so doing that job at that time he watched me closely. For the past three albums, the members who mainly dance would stand in the front, while the members who sing would be standing behind, so you couldn’t see me much; but after the 3rd album ‘SORRY SORRY’ I stood in the front as well, and I went on public entertainment programs too, so there were a lot of chances to see me.

Ever since Vocal Trainer Park Sunjoo said “I saw Kyuhyun’s potential first” it has become a topic of conversation.
Since middle school times I was doing activities as the vocalist of a band, and I always had a lot of interest in singing. Before debuting as a singer, I went to a song festival called ‘Buddy Buddy Singing Contest’9 with the purpose of getting the gold prize (laughs). So I came to know teacher Park Sunjoo through that song festival. Since the teacher said “Let’s work together”, I said yes without reserve and waited. Later, I was contacted by SM so I said “It seems like it’ll be hard to because I already decided to work with teacher Park Sunjoo”, and continued to wait for teacher to contact me. However, at that time teacher was at the peak of her activities with senior Kim Bumsoo with the song ‘A Man And A Woman’. I wasn’t able to contact the teacher. In the end I called SM first again and asked “Is it okay now too?”, so that’s how I happened to join Super Junior (laughs).

9 In 2005, where he placed 3rd.

What kind of singer, musical actor do you want to be in the future?
I think it’s not the time for me to talk without hesitation about what kind of musical, or what kind of part I’d like in the future. (Yesung says he’d definitely like to be on the stage of <Jekyll and Mr Hyde>?) Don’t you think it’s too rash? Haha. Now I must concentrate on singing activities too. If opportunities to be able to do a musical come, I’ll truly engage in them with burning passion. Right now I’m thinking about <The Three Musketeers> only. So that I could also think of doing other shows later. If I do really well this time, won’t I receive calls from other producers too? <The Three Musketeers> is coming to an end, so if there is no talking about that haha~ (laughs). I really want to finish <The Three Musketeers> well!

Kyuhyun, a young man of such pristine purity that you can hardly see these days.
With a d’Artagnan synchro rate10 of 100%, ‘K’yutagnan’’s stage is going smoothly with its pleasant vitality.

10 The factor that determines whether or not an operator is able to Cross Fuse is known as the Synchro Rating (click)

Original Source. reporter Kang Yoonhee (Magazine playdb, interpark.com)
Translated by. GAIA at SJ-WORLD.NET
Take out with full and proper credits

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