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DBSK mentions SJ in “Keep your head down” Thanks To section

U-Know Yunho
Super Junior, charming men who have diverse colors

Max Changmin
Teuki Teuki Leeteuk hyung who thankfully came the music video filming set alone and cheered for us.
Heechul hyung who other people see as unusual. But if you get to know him, he’s someone who’s really a warm abnormal human.
Top star Cho Kyuhyun, my friend who has to have a dance battle with me someday^^
Kim Ryeowook, a luxury cold city man and a heavy drinker from Incheon^^
My friend Kim Kibum

Source: soso1097@ Naver
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

The line about Kyuhyun:
[110103/THANKS-TO/TVfXQ Shim Changmin] 「 My friend, who has to do a dance battle together with me someday, caramel macchiato voice, top star Cho Kyuhyun 」 ♥ This isn’t the first time Changmin compares Kyuhyun’s voice to food ♥ On December 14, on Youngstreet, Kyuhyun received a text message from Changmin, in which the latter described Kyuhyun’s voice with these words: “It’s like carbonara, caramel macchiato and cheesecake. Carbonara is greasy but you fall for it, macchiato is so sweet that when I’m listening to it (Kyuhyun’s voice) my heart seems to be tenderly soothed. No other person has a voice like yours in this world, you’re my only Super Star Top Idol…” (Translated by. @pastakyu SJ-WORLD.NET)

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