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110110 iWeekly Magazine No.689 – Super Junior Interview

Super Junior just celebrated their 5th anniversary on November 6th last year. Successfully breaking the 5 year curse for idol groups, can you talk about future plans?
Donghae: I will continue working hard, bringing out even more stunning results than in the 5 years.
Sungmin: Focus on preparing for the 5th album. As for personal plans, currently, I just acted in my first drama “President”, I hope that in the future, I will have opportunities to try out more dramas and musicals.
Eunhyuk: I hope that Super Junior can be together even after 50 years, until we celebrate the 500th anniversary!
Heechul: Being able to celebrate the 5th anniversary was pretty amazing, following that, we will let you experience some new things that we will be doing.
Ryeowook: Being able to perform for everyone under the name Super Junior forever.

Looking back at these 5 years, were there any unforgettable memories?
Leeteuk/Donghae/Ryeowook: Every moment was unforgettable.
Sungmin: Super Junior’s first concert. Because it was the first time in my life so I will never forget it.
Siwon: In these 5 years, I’ve always felt the full love that the fans have been giving, very thankful, very unforgettable.
Shindong: There isn’t a particularly special moment but I feel that every moment that we had spent together with fans have been very unforgettable.
Yesung: When we were together with the fans.
Eunhyuk: The day when we debuted as Super Junior and the day we first performed, it was really unforgettable.
Heechul: I felt that everyday was important.

Your performances during SJ’s concert have always been rather crazy, on the stage and off the stage, what actions have you all done that are crazy?
Kyuhyun: During the concert encore when I was interacting with the fans, my mouth was filled with water so when I talked to the fans, the water directly sprayed towards them! haha!
Sungmin: We moved the game, “so refreshing, that we previously went crazy playing with directly onto the stage to play!
Siwon: I jumped into the audiences and sprayed water directly at the control panel!
Heechul: (When I did) the Lady Gaga and Beyonce imitation show.

The part that you enjoyed the most during the concert?
Kyuhyun: My solo part.
Leeteuk/Donghae/Sungmin/Shindong/Yesung: The opening part! It was so elegant and spectacular, anyone who had seen it would think this way!
Eunhyuk: While singing “All my heart”, forming a circle with the members and singing the song in a acapella way.

Before going onto the stage for the concert, what preparations would Super Junior do and does it have any weirdness in it?
Sungmin: Imagining the stage and start walking around to see.
Siwon: Will do some stretching exercises and pray before going on stage.
Yesung: Read books, play games or watch a movie.
Heechul: Would play around with the others.
Ryeowook: I would tune my voice to the best condition before going on stage.
Shindong: I will eat a lot of food to fill my stomach.
Eunhyuk: 1 hour before going on stage, I will stop eating completely.

When you first came to Singapore in June last year, what sort of impression do you have about Singapore?
Donghae: There are a lot of fans! (They are) also very active!
Sungmin: The amount of time here was too short. If theres a chance, I will like to be a tourist this time and tour around.
Siwon/Eunhyuk: The fans are very enthusiastic!
Yesung: The friendly and kind fans.
Heechul: Clean.

Coming to Singapore again this time, are there anything that you will like to try?
Sungmin: Go to places with beautiful sceneries. I will like to take some pictures.
Siwon: I want to eat white pepper crab.
Shindong: Go to Sentosa.

When we reported about Super Junior’s international responses the other time, even in Brazil and Saudi Arabia, you also have rather high popularity. Which market do you wish to conquer next?
Siwon: The whole world! I want to challenge and see how far Super Junior’s charm can go.
Yesung:I heard that we have a lot of fans in Europe so I really wish to go there and meet them.
Heechul: Spain.
Credits: Singapore’s local magazine, I-weekly
Translated by ★//囧酥餅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET.

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