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110107 Super Junior Interview regarding Singapore SS3 concert

I thought for ages what the title of this post should be…actually, they don’t actually talk all about SS3 in singapore – they talk about their daily life n image as well ^^

The pretty boys of the popular Korean boyband will show off their new beastly, manly image. — PHOTO: SM ENTERTAINMENT

Super Junior, which were formed in 2005, used to have 13 members – the most in a Korean boyband.

Three of their members are now inactive. Kang In is serving in the military, Kim Ki Bum is pursuing an acting career and Chinese member Han Geng is embroiled in a lawsuit against the band’s management SM Entertainment, saying he was under a slave contract which worked him too hard.

The remaining 10 members are Lee Teuk and Kim Hee Chul, both 27; Ye Sung, 26; Shin Dong, 25; Lee Dong Hae, Lee Sung Min, Lee Eun Hyuk, all 24; Choi Si Won, Kim Ryeo Wook and Cho Kyu Hyun, all 23.

They will perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Jan 29 and 30. Tickets for the first day’s show were sold out within half an hour. Organisers Running Into The Sun, a subsidiary of Fly Entertainment, promptly added the second date. That, too, is selling fast.

Named Favourite Artist, Korea, at the 2008 MTV Asia Awards, Super Junior have released four best-selling albums so far. The members reply through a translator in an e-mail interview with Life!:

What problems did you face preparing for your upcoming concert?

Cho Kyu Hyun: I had to memorise the lyrics of a Chinese song. It was difficult but I practised very hard between busy schedules. Finally, I made it.
Ye Sung: It was difficult to find new items to showcase ourselves in. We held many meetings to brainstorm ideas so that we can give the best performance.

The stage set-up requires the group to ‘fly’ from stunt ropes. Have you suffered any injuries while rehearsing?

Kim Hee Chul: I hit the drums really hard and grazed the skin on my fingers, but there hasn’t been any big accidents.

The group trained very hard to have muscular bodies. What is the workout regime like?

Kim Ryeo Wook: I try to run or do weight training one or two hours a day.
Lee Sung Min: If there’s not much time for working out on a busy day, I feel bad.
Kim Hee Chul: Diet.
Lee Teuk: I have done weight training and aerobic exercises but actually, I’ve lost a lot of muscle recently.

Is Super Junior going for a beastly, manly image now? Why?

Kim Ryeo Wook and Cho Kyu Hyun: One advantage of having many members is that we can show off various images. We would like to show a different side of our image to our fans whenever possible.
Choi Si Won: I like the manly image but I would like to explore other images too.

What do you mostly talk about?

Kim Ryeo Wook: Our daily lives, our worries, basically trivial, mundane stuff.
Lee Eun Hyuk and Shin Dong: We talk about music and dance a lot.
Lee Teuk: We talk about Singapore and good food. Sometimes, we talk about our ideal type of women.
Source: The Straits Times
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