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[UFO] 110105 Leeteuk + Zhoumi’s Replies


Fan : Oppa do you hate me?Why are you not replying…
LT : No!!!!ㅠㅠ

Fan : Oppa
LT : Yes? ^^

Fan : Oppa lets meet again in 5th album are you very busy now?
LT : 5th album has to sell well!!!!^^

Fan : Tomorrow will be the end of semester exam!! What to do??I’m so nervous~~
LT : (you) have to work hard during exams!! Hwaiting!!!!^^

Fan : Oppas,Thank You for always being with ELF~
LT : I’m also thanking you!!!

Fan : I really really miss all of you now
LT : I really want to see you tooㅠㅠ


Fan : Mimi my little sun, a human’s heart has its own freedom, Sushow 3 concert in Taipei(,) I want to give you the most beautiful stage, I want you to be able to stand on the stage and with a glance(,) be able to fully see 8000 love banners for you. I hope that this small thing can bring you happiness~
Mi : miya, I really look forward to meeting with the Taiwan fans, I’ve been working hard to prepare lately, I hope that by then(,) you’ll be able to enjoy

Fan : Zhoumi gege happy new year! You have to work hard!!!At the later part of the year(,) I will come to Korea, I hope that we’ll have a chance to meet hahaha
Mi : Thank you jing, jiayou!

Fan : Zhoumi Don’t be sad, we always with you. we love you ^^. chunny@Indonesia
Mi : thank u~chunny

Fan : Zhoumi,Thank you for always using weibo to communicate with us, but if the rumors have been giving you a hard time, we will respect all your decision! (we) only want you to be happy!
Mi : Thank you,dabai~(my) weibo has been temporarily closed, I actually don’t wish to, but too much explanation will only bring more arguments. During this period of time(,) I will focus on preparing, looking forward to meeting (all of you) again!

Fan : Zhoumi(,) I hope that you will be happy(,) hope that you will have confidence(,) hope that you have the strength(,) hope that you can be yourself(…) I miss you…..
Mi : We will be able to meet soon, thank you for the care and understanding…

bolded parts are either fans’ names or originally written in english

Translated by ★//囧酥餅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Thanks to chunny for the heads-up!

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Hiiiii^^ I'm Annie, and currently attending school in New Zealand - I am Chinese, so feel free to ask me to translate/explain anything posted w/Chinese in it~XD

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