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[PICS/NEWS] 110102 Ryeowook + Jooyeon pics – “Let’s hop forward like a rabbit in 2011!”

“Let’s hop forward like a rabbit in 2011!”

With the energetic start of a year of rabbit, a male and a female stars visited Sportsseoul. They were Super Junior’s Ryeowook and Afterschool’s Jooyeon. Two who were born in 1987 are actively working in their respective fields. Ryeowook is currently showing his superb singing ability as popular group Super Junior’s main vocal. Jooyeon is a member of power girl group Afterschool and received positive reviews on her acting in KBS1 daily drama Smile, Donghae. As this year is the year of rabbit, we invited and interviewed the two stars who we believe will shine more this year. At first, Ryeowook and Jooyeon were awkward toward each other saying they met each other occasionally on gayo programs. However, they soon became close by the fact that they are the same age and they posed friendly together while wearing rabbit hats.

Jooyeon- You were really busy last year, right?

Ryeowook- Yes. In 2009, we spent a thankful year with Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry receiving Daesang. In 2010, the fourth album title song Miinah received huge love. For me personally, it was a meaningful year. I had a duet song with Beige and sang the OSTs of three national channels’ dramas with MBC Home Sweet Home, KBS2 President and SBS It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter. I like watching dramas and I felt honored that I got to sing the OST. Also, I was busy with overseas activity. I went on Asia tour with Super Junior’s concert and I went to LA and Shanghai to participate in the SM Town concert. Also, I performed in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kobe and Taiwan as part of Super Junior’s unit KRY’s activity.

Joo- What do you think was the most meaningful event for you last year?

Ryeo- Becoming number one on gayo programs with Miinah last yer was most memorable. Even though I thought, “don’t focus on receiving awards” it felt good to become number one

Joo- What’s your wish for the new year?

Ryeo- I hope Super Junior continues to receive fans’ love and I want fans to think that “Ryeowook’s a hard working young man who sings well” when they first think about me. Ah! Also, I want the members to be healthy. As individual activities increased, some of the members are going to the hospital often. I want them to eat well and become healthy.

Joo- I hope that things don’t occur that makes life hard or make me unhappy.

Ryeo- I hope so too. I hope that indiscriminate and malicious comments on celebrities disappear this year. I don’t think absolute criticisms are correct. There were some celebrities who suffered big hardships because of malicious comments. Celebrities are delicate people too, just like any other people.

Ryeo- I want to do a musical this year. So, I’m currently receiving vocal and acting trainings. Many idol group members have been appearing in musicals recently. Since I was in high school, watching friends who are acting and singing in musical, I thought to myself, “I want to do that too.”

Joo- Ryeowook, isn’t it hard for you since besides being in Super Junior, you are in Super Junior KRY and Super Junior M?

Ryeo- It’s hard at times. For instance, I love to drink. I normally drink three bottles of soju. But before a concert, I don’t drink. I don’t even drink a soda…. Since I’m in several units, there are a lot of concerts. So, there are many times when I can’t drink. It’s difficult, but I have to do my best because it’s important for a singer to take care of his throat.

Ryeo- I hope all rabbit celebrities including Jooyeon hop like a rabbit to have big presence in their respective field.

*Some parts were omitted.

Source: Sportsseoul
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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