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Heechul’s Photo Tweets — We Are Super Junior; Chocoball’s President

Receive lots of luck as much as the space for the New Year~The space’s big star’s beautiful fans, friends, members, reporters and to everybody else who are reading this, hope everything that you do goes well and let’s live for me hehehehe


As the president of Chocoball, I’m going to say a word.  This year, let’s become crazy bastards at everything!! I’m going to decide on the Chocoball’s balltto (like a motto).  ‘Let’s work hard to play and let’s honor your duty to become free’

Even if we become successful, we are Suju.  Even if Suju fight, we are Suju.  Even if we despise each other, we are Suju.  Even if Suju get married of if there are many Suju fans or all the Suju fans disappear, we are Suju.  You’ve already fell into the swamp.  Let’s just forget about these cringeworthy words.  You’ve already seen everything you possibly could from us.  So, let’s go together to the end.


I’m not good at expression my feelings. If I was able to express my feelings well, that would be my lookalike. But I’m feeling thankfulness and importance from you guys. I know you want to vomit but a fan is a good thingㅡYou fans, thank you and I love you. I didn’t drink.


Source: Heechul’s Twitter (Heedictator)
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
posted by elf101586@sup3rjunior.wordpress.com


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