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Weibo Update : Zhou Mi – 7 Update

101228 by 13:59 GMT+8 (14:59 KST)

if you look at it this way my hair really grew a lot…

101228 by 19:39 GMT +8 (20:39 KST)

Guaji guaji* o(^_-)O The retro bracelet which I’ve just newly received!

* 呱唧 (guaji) is an onomatopoeia used to represent the sound of someone clapping their hands.

101228 by 20:25 GMT+8 (21:25 KST)

Thank you for the Christmas present that a good friend gave me, saying that (he/she?) wants to let me shine to the end!!! Hehe how shiny do you want me to be(−_−#)

101230 by 14:13 GMT+8 (15:13 KST)

HELLO~ Alien


101230 by 16:53 GMT+8 (17:53 KST)

吃完饭朋友要去京畿道工作,我也要飞奔去练习了。充实起来(^ ^)
After having our meal my friend has to go to Gyeonggi-do to work, (and) I have to dart to practice. Enriched(^ ^)

101231 by 01:48 GMT+8 (02:48 KST)

Today’s the last day of 2010Have a myriad of thoughts 

101231 by 09:51 GMT+8 (10:51 KST)

Year-end conclusion: In 2010(,) career-wise I’ve tried out even more new things, there are those which I want to do: there are also those (things) which I’ve never imagined that I myself could do, and allowed me to gain a new understanding about myself. But there are lots more in their preparation stages, many of my “secrets” will be floating to the surface to meet with everyone in the year 2011. Firstly SJM will be meeting everyone with a brand new image, I believe that it’ll be perfect this time! Although I’ll miss 2010, but the days for us to see each other are drawing closer

Source: Zhou Mi’s Weibo

Shared by IINA @ sj-world.net

Translated by ✰陽光smiley~ & eternalsnow @ sj-world.net

Shared: 13flowerboys.wordpress.com



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