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‘Athena’ Choi Siwon’s Performance That Was Short But Left A Strong Impact… Fans Also Went ‘Good’

In the (December) 27th episode of the SBS Monday/Tuesday drama ‘Athena: Goddess of War’ (briefly known as Athena), which sees Jung Woosung and Su-ae as the main characters, Super Junior member Choi Siwon has exhibited a brief but strong performance, receiving high acclamation from the fans.

On the day’s episode of ‘Athena’ which was aired, Choi Siwon has received attention as the intelligence agent Kim Junho. In the episode, intelligence agent Kim Junho appeared as a character who left the incident site because he could not forget about the mistake which had occurred during a battle, leading to some misunderstanding and eventually the sacrifice of some hostages by the terrorists in the incident. However after listening to the advice of the people around him, he returned to the site of the incident and displayed his “conflicted acting” at that particular moment.

On the day, he shrugged off his title as an “idol-turned-actor” in the episode, and by being fully immersed in his acting, his perfect performance received applause from the audience.

This is the second drama which Choi Siwon is involved in after the SBS drama “Oh!My Lady” which was aired last May. At that time, he played the main male character Sung Minwoo in “Oh! My Lady”, and of course he received the recognition as a singer-turned-actor.

The acting challenge this time doubtlessly carries a huge meaning towards the “actor” Choi Siwon. This is because if he succeeds, then there is a possibility that he could be a top actor. Since he has showed a good performance in the movie “Battle of Wits”, and has achieved success in the drama “Oh! My Lady”, the drama this time will give him the last weight required for him to be recognized as an actor.

In particular, since the drama ‘Iris’ was successful in the producers eyes, diversity is expected in terms of the acting displayed in the current drama. In fact, Big Bang member Top who left a good impression in “Iris”, was casted in the large production film “Into the Fire” again and received recognition as a top star.

The representatives for the idol groups which have already received recognition is able to allow different types of actors to shine.

On this day, he took the first step through his performance which was short but gave a strong feeling, and it looks like he’ll be able to challenge the role of the lead actor in the future.

Source: stoo.com
Korean to Chinese translation by 小弘 @ Bless崔始源中国应援站 & 百度崔始源吧
Chinese to English translation by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
Thanks to LacusClyne @ sj-world.net for the heads up!
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