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[tw] Si Won Update – 291210 6T 1P

► 어제 또 다시 노예계약이라는 단어가 수면위로 올라왔다..서로가 믿음과신뢰로 같은 꿈을 향해 열심히 달려왔고, 앞으로 더욱 도약하고싶은데 마치 내가 노예가 된 기분이드는 노예계약이라는 말은 다시는 안나왔으면 좋겠다 :)
Yesterday, the word ‘slave contract’ climbed to the surface again.. We ran hard towards the same dream with faith and trust, I want to continue leaping forward more, and I hope that the feelings of (me) being a slave and the talk about the slave-contract would not surface again :)

► Again yesterday, the word slave-contract climbed to the surface .. We ran hard towards the same dream with faith and trust,

► I want to continue to leap forward and I hope that this feeling of restriction & the thought of a slave-contract doesn’t surface again :)

► 내가 이야기 하지도 않은말이 헤드라인이될줄은 정말 몰랐다! ” 현재는? “그런말은 내뱉은적이 없는데 :(
I really didn’t know that the words that I’ve never even said would make the headlines! “Currently?” I’ve never said anything about that :(

► I couldn’t believe that words I never even spoke of would make the headline! “Currently?” That word never came out of my mouth :(

► Don’t call us slaves. All we want to do is to be a good pop culture icon ! http://yfrog.com/h2mmskvj

Source: @siwon407
Translated By: eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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