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Subject: Super Junior, 7 members out of 13 are involved in dramas… perceived as “Actor-dols”

Following “Sorry Sorry”, “Miinah” and other songs which aren’t only receiving huge popularity in the country but also across Asia, and after producing a collection of big hits, Super Junior’s members Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and others are receiving attention as the next generation’s MCs in variety programs; (in addition) Shindong, Donghae, and Sungmin are also simultaneously involved in dramas, making a strong presence as “Super Actordols”. It could be seen that among 13 members, there are seven of them who are building their careers in the drama scene.
Shindong takes on the role of the Judo athlete Kang Wooram on SBS’s “Doctor Champ”, and has received a lot of attention from the viewers. Being a judo athlete during his elementary school days, he has shown his natural side in the drama, and is responsible for creating laughter in the show.

Donghae begins his acting career in SBS’s “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl”. Playing the role of the honest and sincere Choi Wook-gi, has displayed commendable acting skills recently at his first recording, and was well-received by the staff. Donghae has added colours to the typical sincere character, and produced a distinctly different character. He is expected to show a splendid idol member’s image and display a completely different side of him.

In the KBS drama “President”, Sungmin will be playing the role of the trouble-making graduate student Jang Sungmin, the son of Choi Soojong and Ha Heera in the drama. He wishes to try his hand in politics himself, and although he has the intention to help his father out in the election process, but got into trouble instead when he used the wrong methods. There is high anticipation with regards to how he would act out the role of the president’s ambitious son.

It can be seen that the Super Junior members have accumulated a lot of experiences in the drama field. Before this, Choi Siwon has received high acclaim for playing the lead role of the SBS drama “Oh! My Lady”, which would be followed by his casting in SBS’s “Athena” as a new agent (of NSS), thus attracting attention as a rising young actor. Aside from that, Kim Heechul has also received attention for his role in SBS’s “Golden Bride**” among others.
Kangin has played the role of a couple manager in MBC Dramanet’s “Romance Zero***”, and Kibum collected his popularity earlier through the KBS youth drama “Banolim”.
With the addition of three members who will be building their experiences in the drama field, Super Junior has now 7 members out of 13 who have a drama-acting career.
One of the officials from their agency SM Entertainment said that “From the beginning, Super Junior debuted with the aim of not only singing songs, but also being involved in variety shows and the acting field” and that “since it’s their 5th anniversary since debut this year, it is a perfect occasion to take hold of a clear position, and receive more ‘love calls’ in various fields”.

* Actor-dols are a combination of the words ‘actor’ and ‘idol’. Meaning they’re idol actors.
** Golden Bride (황금신부/Hwang Geum Shin Bu) is a 64-episode drama which was aired between June 2007 and February 2008.
*** Romance Zero (하자 전담반 제로/Haja Jeondamban Zero) is a 16-episode drama that was aired between February – May 2009. The phrase ‘couple manager’ basically means matchmaker.

Source: OSEN – Reported by Lee Hyerim
Thanks to thuthuy0609 @ SJ-WORLD for the tip!
Chinese translation by Natali @ MyKRY
English translation by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD
Image Reupload: uksujusid

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