[mod] Year End Poll Award (YEPA) : Rules and Regulations

2010 nearly comes to the end. In this year, we organized lots of fan projects and this is the last one for this year.

Hope ELF can participate.

Year End Poll Award?

– We would like to create an award just like MAMA etc.

– This is a simple on and it’s 100 % voted by ELF.

– We’ll have different categories and members nominated for each category are selected by us.

– All you have to do is vote and comment.

– We’ll create fan video to replace the VTR used in MAMA to announce the winners.

– Best comments will be featured in the video. 3 comments for each category.

– You may vote as much as you want for your favourite member.

– The voting session will end on 20th december 2010

Categories :

(click the category name to go to its voting page)

1. Angel’s Voice

2. Acting Talent

3. Funniest Member

4. Teary Eyes

5. Dancing Machine

6. Most FavouriteMember

Special Category

Best SJ Fansite

There’re all the categories. Happy Voting!



E.L.F.es’ Favourite


Mongolian ELF








The Super Junior Guide/Handbook

You may want to share the poll! [only for wordpress.com blogger]

Angel’s Voice

→polldaddy poll=4027751←

Acting Talent

→polldaddy poll=4027779←

Funniest Member

→polldaddy poll=4043558←

Teary Member

→polldaddy poll=4047904←

Dancing Machine

→polldaddy poll=4056759←

Most Favourite Member

→polldaddy poll=4056765←

you need to put the code in [  ] , don’t leave the ‘polldaddy poll=’, just leave the ‘→’ and ‘←’

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17 comments on “[mod] Year End Poll Award (YEPA) : Rules and Regulations

  1. hi ღLuRVeHeeChulღ
    i’m from Mongolian E.L.F
    I’m glad to become your partner . I’ll publish this poll soon.
    I’ve added your yahoo id.

  2. Hello there Friends at 13flowerboys.wordpress.com
    Ive received your invitation and would be delighted in becoming partners with you.
    Ive added your email to my contacts already.
    here is our email iheart5UPERJUNIOR@live.com
    Please send me more details and directions as to what I need to do next 🙂
    Thank you so much for the invitation….
    Im real proud to be a partner in this upcoming poll for Super Junior.
    -Admin Eunjo<3

  3. Hello 13flowerboys! ^^,
    I’ve received and read your invitation. I would be glad to help you promoting and be a partner of your latest project. Send me more the details of what to do.
    Thank You~

    Seoulove Admin,

  4. When will the voting thingy close? o-o

  5. […] this will be greatly appreciated. ^^ For more information regarding this project please click THIS . […]

  6. hey chingu! how is the poll coming?? curious! 🙂 Anyways, I was wondering if you guys have a specific logo for your site. I like to add you as partners to my partners page> http://iheart5uperjunior.wordpress.com/our-partners/
    Do you guys have a special qoute too? I can add that as well^^
    Love being partners with you guys! Hope we can stay good friends and ELF forever:)♥ ♥
    -cris @ iheart5uperjunior

  7. Hi there chingus!!
    Sorry for the late reply.
    Yes! I’d still like for you to make an icon for us!
    I really like your icon, so I hope maybe you can make one sorta similar to it.
    Please include “5J” in the icon. & if you can I like for it to have a heart. you make it the same color blue thats in your icon.
    If its hard for you to make, then Ill take anything you can do:)
    Thank you so much! Sorry if I take up any of your time:)
    <3-cris iheart5uperjunior.com

  8. Hi there!! Just wanted say thank you so much for the logo icon!
    its great.. I wanted the heart to be more noticable, so I only added a bigger heart. But everything is perfect, just like how I imagined. Please look forward to me coming back for help for future photoshop work:) Ill be joining your forum soon, and will pass it on to my staff also^^
    Thank you!!!
    -cris [www.iheart5uperjunior.com]

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