When Super Junior is your boyfriend (part 3)….

Here is part 3 ^^ I think there should be one more part coming, then I’ll post the whole thing with extra members  ~~~~
These ones have Leeteuk, Heechul, Hangeng, Yesung, Kangin and *new* Eunhyuk ~~~~~~Enjoy!
When you’ve had a huge fight with them and is feeling hurt
Leeteuk – comes up behind you, hugs you, and says “sorry….it was all my fault”
Heechul – says nothing, but the next day, you find an anonymous note in your bag with the words “sorry” and a cat begging for forgiveness drawn on it
Hangeng – sits beside you and apologises sincerely, saying “will you forgive oppa this time?”
Yesung – leaves you a voice message with him singing “It Has To Be You”
Kangin – Leans on you and says “don’t be like that, okay?”, but doesn’t admit it’s his fault
Eunhyuk – dances Sorry Sorry to you to apologise

When he goes to the army
Leeteuk – Hugs you tightly for the last time and promises to be back soon, well and healthy
Heechul – Hugs you and says “I’ll come back an even cooler oppa”
Hangeng – Tells you to stay happy and healthy until he comes back, and promises to cook you Beijing Fried Rice when he does
Yesung – Doesn’t say much, but suddenly kisses you
Kangin – Forbids you to look at any guys until he comes back or else…
Eunhyuk – Tells you to stay faithful to him, and that two years will go by real fast, and he’ll be back in no time

When he comes back from the army
Leeteuk – Hugs you tightly and asks “did you miss me?”
Heechul – turns in a full circle and says “didn’t I become cooler?”
Hangeng – Lifts you up and spins you in the air then says “Let’s go home”
Yesung – Is actually quite talkative for once and smiles at you before holding your hand in his
Kangin – The first thing he says is “You didn’t look at any guys right?”
Eunhyuk – Smiles a huge smile and says “I’m back! see, didn’t 2 years go by fast?”

When you say you’re cold
Leeteuk – Takes off his coat for you and wraps it tightly around you
Heechul – goes into the nearest store and buys you the most fashionable coat there
Hangeng – Wraps his arms around you
Yesung – Rubs your hands in his
Kangin – Says “you should have worn more…now see the problem?” but takes his coat off for you anyway
Eunhyuk – Gives you his jacket then takes you to his house to warm you up

When you say there’s something in your eye
Leeteuk – Says “Let me see” and gently blows it out of your eye
Heechul – Says “stop joking” but takes a look at it anyway
Hangeng – Blows it out of your eye then gives you some eyedrops to protect your eyes
Yesung – Tells you to blink
Kangin – Says “Oh really”, ignores you, but 5 minutes later, tells you to come to him and blows it out for you
Eunhyuk – Inspects your eye carefully and slowly blows on your eye

When you go with him to the swimming pool in a bikini and guys stare at you
Leeteuk – Grabs your hand and walks holding it tightly
Heechul – Silently curses all the guys staring
Hangeng – Ignores them and smiles at you sweetly
Yesung  – Drapes an arm around you just casually
Kangin – Says loudly “She’s MY girlfriend”
Eunhyuk – Scolds you for wearing something so revealing

written by:sapphireblueelf@13flowerboys / xxyumixx @ sj-world.net

take out with full and proper credits – do not credit yourself/do not modify the fanfic in any way

About sapphireblueelf

Hiiiii^^ I'm Annie, and currently attending school in New Zealand - I am Chinese, so feel free to ask me to translate/explain anything posted w/Chinese in it~XD

5 comments on “When Super Junior is your boyfriend (part 3)….

  1. hahahahaha made my day ( and i mean it )…… it’s really good can’t wait to see siwon part
    do ur best girl ^_* and thank u

  2. haha..my fren n me keep laughing all time haha!!!

    can’t wait 4 sungmin part ^,^

  3. haha.. that is very funny!!
    especially kangin n heenim parts!!
    luv it very much..

  4. Hahaha… I luv this it’s really funny 🙂

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