[pic] Super Junior And Their Disney Characters

super junior disney characters by the 2nd account of cacacaca94. 

// super junior disney character by the 2nd account of cacacaca94. //  

cr:2nd account of cacacaca94

if still not clear

  • Lee Teuk = Beauty – Beauty and The Beast
  • Hee Chul = Cinderella
  • Han Kyung = Mulan
  • Ye Sung = Aladin
  • Kang In = Beast – Beauty and The Beast
  • Shin Dong = Pooh
  • Sung Min = Alice – Alice in The Wonderland
  • Eun Hyuk = Peter Pan
  • Dong Hae = Pinochio
  • Si Won = Simba – Simba The Lion
  • Ki Bum = Snow White
  • Ryeo Wook = Jasmine – Aladin

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11 comments on “[pic] Super Junior And Their Disney Characters

  1. is it their favorite among all disney character?
    or the character that resembles them most?reason?

    • heechul gave everyone their disney names… he named himself cinderella 😛
      i dont really remember if there was a link… for some of them there is, like how eunhyuk is always a child at heart or mulan only cuz she is the only chinese character in disney so it goes to hangeng… i guess kangin is beast due to his strength … ummm but i don’t know about the others, sorry > <
      super junior fighting!!

  2. what happen to Kyuhyun? I didn’t see him on the list. This is too cute

  3. I luv simba and mulan. ^^

  4. LOL This is amusing! (:
    The only thing I’d have disagree is Pinnochio!!! If it’s talking about Donghae’s appearance, he doesn’t look like it. His personality? Not at all. He’s not the type of person that lies! NEMO would have been a good choice lol Agree anyone?

  5. kyuhyun doesn’t have one??

  6. LeeTeuk = Beast

  7. “““““~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  8. YeWook = Aladin and Jasmine
    KangTeuk = Beauty and Beast
    …is Heechul shipping? XD

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