[pic] Super Junior’s ex- GIRLFRIENDs

1. Choi Siwon


Her name is Stella Kim. She is one of the trainee in the SM Entertainment. This pictures was taken in 2007.


Once said that Stella became trainee was because Si Woon. The relationship was over after a month. Credit: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/

2. Yesung

The girl is Shin Soul Ki.


3. Leeteuk

sorry..i don’t know what is her name..



4. Donghae


Impossible if you don’t know who is she..

She is SNSD’s Jessica.

5. Shindong

All these from 2007



6. Eunhyuk


SNSD’s Kim Hyeohyon.

7. Sungmin


cr: superdiya.wordpress.com

translator and re-upload: LuRVeHeeChul

take out with full credits to ELFes Favourite

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163 comments on “[pic] Super Junior’s ex- GIRLFRIENDs

  1. NO HEECHUL ex-girlfriend???

  2. I didn’t know eunhyuk went out with hyoyeon,first time hearing it..Donghae’s pic so cute~i can’t imagine how they are with each other now,i mean,it must be awkward to see each other every day

  3. WRONG !!! donghae’s girlfriend is not jessica , they are liking sister and brother.
    they are just normal friend , they are not couple at all !!!

    • HAHA your username is explanatory! “Lovely Fishy” thus, you’d say something about Fishy Donghae.

      I know right? My baby Donghae and Jessica???! HELLLL NO! I actually saw this before. People were saying that they went out when they didn’t. There was also a picture of Jessica and SUPPOSEDLY Donghae liplocking. But it turned out that it was Yoochun of DBSK lol

      Anyway, I don’t recall Donghae EVER having a girlfriend… Or not that we know of.

      Well do you? (:

      ***I believe half of the information was true.
      Eunhyuk and Hyoyeon going out is highly unbelievable. But I do know, he and she are very close.

      • What the hell. Yoochun NEVER dated Jessica, get your facts right misseh. =_= Gosh, Jessica IS Donghae’s ex-girlfriend, does it make you feel better that they’re not dating?

        Can you not bring innocent idols in and taint their image? When has Yoochun ever dated Jessica? ._.

        • You should also get your facts straight. Try searching it up. Yoochun and SNSD often trained together in their ‘trainee’ years. And after they’ve debuted, they’ve even had these partnerships… You should search up times from when they were young. Honestly, OMG YOOCHUN WAS BEAUTIFUL..He had nice light brown hair.. XD Also, I’m not even sure if Yoochun and Jessica were boyfriend/girlfriend. I just know they were together a lot during trainee years.. :T

    • no it is true that jessica and donghae are boyfriend and girlfriend but that was long ago….but now they are what they are before…so please understand…

    • yeah. I believe you. hahaha. I’d rather go for an ELF. 😦

      wait, I thought Yesung had no girlfriend. Somebody knows when did the picture taken??

      And oh, Sungminnie! :(((( I was thinking about marrying you. 😦

  4. ya what about the other member
    want to know

  5. wow really? eunhyuk&hyoyeon? OMG

  6. If SNSD’s Jessica and Donghae stayed together, they would make beautiful babies. 😛

  7. oh nooooooo….i can’t believe it if jessica is ex donghea girlfriend…

  8. this cant be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i will never believe that Jessica is Donghae’s ex….

    I hate it!!!!!!

  9. it is so weird eunhyuk with hyoyeon…i juz dun believe this…they might just b a good friend. and btw, where did u got all this?? Crap..

  10. shindong ex girlfriend look hot man…hahha…she so cute..anyone know her name??lol…

  11. DUDE, THIS INFO IS FAKE. It might have been just friends!!!

  12. Why Yesung have girlfriend ? T_T But ! i’m so happy for the guy ….. But i think this relation are closed , no ? ( i don’t speak very well english , excuse-me)

  13. haha sungmin and leeteuk broke up with their girlfriends already.
    This is old news actually.
    I’m not really sure about yesung’s one though but I know they keep their private life out of the lime light. People don’t usually know the truth until they’ve broken up.

    Donghae’s one is wrong though. He and jessica are like good friends and he ever like her before but never together.

    Eunhyuk is single now.

  14. actually, hyoyeon wasn’t eunhyuk girlfriend…
    they just closed when they was a trainees….
    Bout Donghae and Jessica….they really was…
    but SM TOWN Separated them…tell that in their managament…
    there’s no one can be a couple….

  15. Shindongs ex is really beautiful…..

    if i where him i will never break off w/ dat girl.

  16. Donggie’s ex is soo beautifull..
    sabi ko na nga ba mag ex sina sica tska si hae ee.. sayang bagay pa naman sila..

    WOW talaga ko nung kay hyoyeon ..

  17. Hye, hello everyone…

    Sorry if I’m asking this… But…

    Are they really their ex-girlfriend? O.O

  18. sorry…but i don’t think its true…maybe quite true but the pictures are not enough for me….

    thanks anyway…at least i have an idea bout their past lives….

  19. i dont think so that this is true


  20. … donghae’s girlfriend is not jessica lol … and that pic also dont look like them lol … HAHA , is it that they took pic together means couple … THEY ARE ONLY JUST BEST FRIEND … SISTER AND BROTHER

  21. i wonder where is heechul picture….heechul don’t have ex…….? i mean….hmm..did heechul don’t have ex……?….that’s great…^^

  22. is tha jessica ?? she really diffrent than before…..

  23. i dont like suju to have girlfriend bcoz suju’s girlfriend are e.l.f only………. but past is past………. so that’s okey!!! ❤ super junior fighting!!!! sarangheyeo!!!!! hwaiting!!!! i hope suju will have their concert here in philippines…

  24. ok so some of them is true such as lee teuck and his gf since they look so close, but a lot of them are just rumors.. :[

    for example, shindong’s ex girlfriend is a famous person on the internet b/c she’s pretty, her name is lim illang. and shindong said that they’re just friends since in middle school, and they just went to see movie ’cause they’re friends.

    and stella and siwon, the possibility that they would had been going out is very small. it’s true that stella was a traineer in sm, and so they were just close to each other. but maybe they were, but we can’t be sure. only they would know the truth.

    and eunhyuk and hyoyeon? nonono absolutely not. they know each other because they’re in the same entertainment.

    donghae and jessica… we can’t be sure either. but people say that they were just close friends, because jessica loves taking pics so she took a lot of pics with guys in super junior other than donghae. but maybe they were. but we can’t be sure.

    it’s the first time to see sungmin and his ex gf’s pic, and i guess they rlly were going out. gosh she’s pretty! im jealous T^T

    sorry if i upsetted you, but i just wanted to say that some of them are absolutely NOT true.. :] Anyways, thanks for loving super junior!

  25. Wow, i think I’ve just seen some of the pictures, can’t believe there’s still a lot of pictures i haven’t seen…

    BTW, Yesung and his ex, looks cute…. If he is to go out with her again, i mean like now, i won’t oppose them… They are too cute together.

    • nope…yesung’s EX GF..is ABSOLUTELY not cute at all…she’s just like a normal korean people out there!! she’s not pretty at all:(!! just hate it!!! di ko alm kng jealous lng to or what..di ko lng tlga gs2 ung girl!! muka syang MADRE!!!! msyadong gud girl ang face…arghhh JUST HATE HER!

  26. what’s the name of sungmin’s ex-girlfriend???????????

  27. ex means past..thats all i wanna say..

  28. donghae,and eunhyuk “ex” are snsd members and that was not confirmed that it was their ex. im positive about shindong,shiwon,and leeteuk ex as well! yesung and shin sol ki are cute together! poor stella had to drop out of sm since her parents divorced and she had to go support them!

  29. oh ans sungmin’s “ex” looks


  31. omg..donghae with snsd huhu..

  32. i so hate it i cannot understand why they are lyk dis if i say to u dat just understand i am the one who doesn’t understand at all im just a stupid person that doesn’t understand anything they are going through now…i just hate it!!!!!!!!!i hate it!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. is this really true?!!! where’s the evidence?!! uhmm..i just can’t believe:(…i’m losing right now….i’m shaking!!!…ang OA ata noh?!! mga lalaki nmn yan…di ALIEN…para di magGF!!! hay..tma yan…EX MEANS PAST!!! THAT’S ALL I ‘WANNA SAY!!! i2 lng masasabi ko ha: gnyan pla mga type ni yesung?!! mga mukang tanga!!! mgnda xia…but wla tlgng SPARK ung muka…she’s not pretty at all..mybe i’m jst syng dis..’coz i’m jealous!!! how OA of me!!!

  34. Ohhh I can’t believe donghae oppa has a girlfriend ever
    because he is still innocent!!!!!
    the most thing I like on him his innocence ^^

    I just don’t beleive it, and I’m sure they are just good friends….

    DongHae oppa don’t grow up just be pure hearted,
    saranghae oppa >_< hwaiting
    love u sooo much

  35. wow….its tat true that yesung with sol ki…..oh no im so jealous.anyway sol ki is cute too.

  36. saranghaeyo yesung oppa

  37. hay nk sobrang panget ng ex n leeteuk

  38. she is not jessica.just look at that.do not lie.bbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd.

  39. duh?!donghae’s ex gf is ugly…..ewww!!!

  40. ….i took a pic with a guy closely…does not means that he is my ex or we are in bgr…. hae one is confirmed that is photoshopped and not true… eunhyuk…u can juz look at the pic and say oh they are just friend..zzzzz ><" they aint close as how siwon n his so called girlfriend was ( standing position)same goes for yesung n his so called girlfriend…

  41. First time hearing Eunhyuk used to date hyoyeon is shocking me! Im dead jealous here><! WTF! I swear i will do something that is bad to SNSD!

  42. this is impossible because its just a picture, super junior treat them like sisters and its only a picture of them maybe they are just making happy moments with suju and celebrating there is so many reasons why ok

  43. YESTERDAY ENDED LAST NIGHT… if you based the picture as evidence that those girls are their exes,, gosh that means when you take a picture with a person you already have a relationship with him/her… whether it’s true or not, i don’t care ( although i want to break that girl’s neck and cut her into pieces (the one with my donghae) suju are normal people too, there will come a time that they will all settle down, i just hope everyone of them esp. donghae will find a deserving and right person as their better half ( how i wish im one of them) pray for their happiness ( though its really difficult)…love them forever.. love coh si donghae …

  44. Kyuhyun oppa juga pny mantan pacar… cantik.. (sakit untuk mengakuinya) namanya Park Ha Neul.. juga katanya traning thn 2007…. huu…. sakit….

  45. wow.. thx ur info about jessica and dong hae i really hate it at all…………… and how about my oppa’s GF (henry lau) i wait it?? is he has GF.. so funny may be….. i wanna know it.. soon….. for dong hae oppa no showing about his ex-GF ….. especially jessica.. thx..

  46. oh no… no. no. no.. no……. SUNGMIN …. i love u … maybe.. i will die if haven’t sungmin.. i want sungmin..

  47. Kyuhyun ex-Girlfriend nothing????????

    • He already had one.
      When they were still in high school.
      But i don’t remember where i saved the pic to show you
      Don’t worry, she is very nomal.
      Even they had kisses. But it’s past ^^!~

  48. wow
    their ex girlfriends both so so cute
    and I’m not surprise with this..it’s their real life
    but I’m a bit surprise at Donghae’s and Eunhuyk’s
    their ex is Jessica and HyoYeon? really?
    anyway, this is past.I hope oppas will find out their love soon..who can really love them and can make oppas be happy ^^
    Thanks for sharing this

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  50. oh no why jessica please

  51. EX means PAST–that’s all i ‘wanna say!! so LET’S JUST FORGET IT GUYS!! for now on..LETS’S SUPPORT 4TH ALBUM:D SUJU FIGHTING:D

  52. I think all suju members are more beautiful and shine then their ex=p huhuhu…. but seriously the first time i saw siwon ex i thought he have his icture taken with sungmin!!! i think they look a like very much although sungmin is more cuter than the girl=p kekekeke…

  53. no way…. lee teuk with kangin anyway

  54. sorry fast away sorry yesung

  55. Info on Donghae’s and Eunhyuk are wrong…

    do you just look for pictures then being with a girl and immediately assume she is his ex-girlfriend?

  56. i just wanna say..ex mean “the past”…
    don’t over think about it..
    the really surprising me at it all is snsd really2 “plastic doll”…look so different..lol

  57. actually Jessica dated with a few of Super Junior members and also 1/2 of DBSK…
    Donghae and Eunhyuk are some well-known ones ><
    safe my hubbyhyuk T____T jkjk

  58. sungmin=^.^=
    you so….
    cute=^.^= hEhE

    and kyuhyun? ? ? ? ? ?
    have no ex girlfriend> > > .! ! ???


  59. Ay naku. Compare d0nghae’s pix wid jes, d0nghae had a wavy/flyaway hair, and the other pic w/c is kissing (duh!!) the guy’s hair is curly!! So i thnk dat’z n0t our d0nghae!

  60. in that photo of donhae and jessica. They are not real but only look-alikes. those where denied by both donghae and jessica.

  61. I’m not snsd’s anti fans, but I don’t like if Donghae and Jessica is a couple.

    *sorry, for me english not god*


  62. wow this is the most commented post I ever seen! the talk of super junior’s girlsfriends really catch attention.
    btw, shindong’s gf was the cutest one out of all! but siwon, judging by the pictures, he would be a great BF, he looks so happy and joyful. like a little kid. seems like hes a fun Bf ^^

  63. Eunhyuk girlfriend is not jessica , they are liking sister and brother.
    they are just normal friend , they are not couple at all !!! T-T

  64. r u sure…???hope i will be their next gf^^hehe

  65. Let me make my own list, from what i heard and saw. ( Some shows SJ has joined, and i believe them)
    Maybe it’s more true than this

    Who has GF Now : ShinDong.

    Who has ex GF and still single: LeeTeuk, HeeChul, SungMin. EunHyuk, DongHae, SiWon, RyeoWook, KyuHyun

    Who (maybe) still ” innocent” : HanKyung, YeSung, KangIn and KiBum

    Ex is past, who care what they are.
    I just know that SJ definitely belongs to ELF NOW, or maybe EL(g)F
    Everybody always has a immature time, right?

  66. wow, she’s so beautiful!!!! :)))))

  67. if anyone that hate jessica and donghae couple….just accept that…they are real couple..i see they kissed…so lovely….. I LOVE HAESICA….and i hate people that hate haesica…i wish you quickly die WTF… HAESICA FIGHTING!!!!!!!… I LOVE EVERYONE THAT COUPLE WITH MY JESSICA….AND DONGHAE IS SO LUCKY MAN COZ HE GET JESSICA TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND….JESSICA AND DONGHAE ARE REAL…..NO ONE CAN STOP THEM…..i pretty sure..if jessica and donghae get married(i wish they will) they will have a cuttest baby in the world……coz jessica and donghae is cuttest in the world ..haha…and all my friend only prefer haesica…..


  68. Hi my name is yuri ilove super junior and iam crazy about leeteuk and i wish i can talk with them …..

  69. hahahaha!
    some of you are so insecure(tamaan na ang dapat tamaan.pati ung isa jan ah,mukang tanga batukan kta eh,)so what f they had their own ex you dont cre about that,you dont have the rights to insult them

  70. its not true,, about eunhyuk with hyehyon

  71. this is fake information this stuff arent even proven to be true >___>

  72. what the heck. i hate more if donghae with yoona? is it true?
    cmon many girl, why yoona snsd? i cant think it. huh awful yaiks DDDD:

    • Why not Yoona of Snsd ?? Can you give me one VALID REASON for that ?? DONGHAE AND YOONA IS PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER !! You’re BULLSHIT !!! Duh ? I think you’re blind enough to think about that dear…

  73. actually about Donghae and Jessica, it’s not true, they only a good friend like brother-sisterhood, about kissing scene, it’s been confirm by SM already, it was not them, it was someone else and also Donghae had confess on one of the show at Taiwan (I don’t remember the name) that he didn’t has a girlfriend and he also said that he didn’t even know what was the kiss feels like….so it’s proven that it was fake….

  74. oh?? I can’t believe it!! Eunhyuk and Hyoyeon had a relationship?? wow!! It really is a small world..

  75. really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. ii think i know stella she almost be a SNSD members.

  77. Lol please this post is so bullshit. Shindong had clarified before that girl was only his friend, and hyohyeon( okay Idk how to spell her name and I don’t give a fucking damn about her ) and eunhyuk are just close friends. Eunhyuk’s ex was G.na and the rumor that he and hyeohyeon is a couple is just bullshit. I’m not too sure about yesung but I know for certain donghae’s ex was not Jessica, I don’t believe donghae will be so blind to like her. And anyw Jessica took a lot of photos with suju members and dbsk members, does that mean she has dated all of them before? Bullshit. She is just a slut who likes to throw herself onto any walking male.

  78. :p i can’t believe it!…SNSD Jessica with Donghae oppa & hyoyeon with Eunhyuk oppa!♥!:'(impossible

  79. I’m pretty sure Jessica and Donghae never dated each other, It’s just a look alike. The Jessica in the picture doesn’t look like Jessica either.

  80. Kyuhyun dont have GF yet and heechul too?? I hope they dont have any hehehe this maybe selfish but who cares I want them for myself!!! hehehehe

  81. Shindong’s ex GF is pretty. Really like a doll.

    why ppl here only talking about donghae and eunhyuk. ^_^
    But I’m happy seeing Sungmin’s GF. She so cute, who is she? I’ve never read anywhere anythings about her. Why did they broke up, how long they’ve been dating?
    When it was?
    She’s much better than that scandal with sunny. ugh I don’t really like Sunny, even before I knew Suju n started to love Sungmin. Sick of her forcing aegyo that’s copying Japanese kawaii girl. But I’m not her antis
    I’m okay if Sungmin with girls as long as not her…

  82. Thanks for another informative website. The place else may just I am getting that type of information written in such an ideal means? I have a venture that I am simply now running on, and I’ve been on the glance out for such information.

  83. i heard that the whole Jessica-Donghae thing is not true. i think they’re just really close friends. from what i’ve heard (please don’t kill me.. haha. i’m just gonna share what i know..) jessica dated jaejoong when they were still trainees. but i’m really not sure of that.. and donghae, i heard he’s with yoona. though i’m really hoping that that’s not true, coz my heart can’t take it. haha. they said that the song “Y” in the album was for her. though that song is a break-up song. so i don’t know. maybe they dated before but not anymore. as for the Hyoyeon-Eunhyuk thing. some say they dated before they debuted. they’re really close. as in. in one program hyoyeon said that she wasn’t close with anyone then eunhyuk said that he thought they were pretty close. he got really upset then other snsd members were like “yeah they are pretty close” then hyoyeon took back what she said before and said that she and hyuk were close. the smile on hyuk’s face when she said that was wow. hahaha. i hope they’re really together. 🙂

  84. Hyohyuk ❤ <3!

  85. wow… shindong’s girlfriend is almost same as Hyuna.. but it is not hyuna…

  86. Eunhyuk and Hyeoyon is fake!!

  87. I saw on a show that Yesung never had any dating experience, and also it already said in article that Donghae and Jessica NEVER went out. I don’t know about the others, though…

  88. I think it’s not yesung’s ex girlfriend. Look behind them, there was a recorder studio. And Sungmin also already said that yesung never had a girlfriend and any experience at the Star Bell Show. Search it on youtube.

  89. …….OMG!!! YE SUNG ,his ex-girl friend is not a cute at all,,,,,, but i love ye sung, he is very cute………

  90. choi si won and his ex girl friend looks so cute……love you guys…

  91. love HAESICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Excuse me ? FYI , I have a face , a beautiful face , natural face actually dear , you’re right that “haters gonna hate” , it’s true , but you know what ? I don’t hate SNSD , neither Jessica , but about saying that Jessica has beauty , talents and she’s sexy ? Holy Mother of Earth !! Well maybe AFTER HER PLASTIC SURGERY , why don’t you search the before-face-thingy of your fave Jessica ?? tss… and got to remind you … YES , HAESICA WAS ONCE REAL ….If you’re good in english ,, well, you can understand what I mean ,,, : WAS


      And I’m not INGGITERA , ECHOSERA AT FEELER …so better watch you’re language …. you can search me in FB or twitter :

      MayrichJell Ferales


  93. Wow. Snsd sunny is sungmin’girlfriend.

  94. Now ,sungmin have girlfriend.&
    Now ,donghae’s girlfriend is Eunsoe (We got married) ,it’s is.

  95. Haesica cocok juga. Cuma mungkin lebih cocok kan hae oppa sama aku kali yaaa…

  96. Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. Spending some time and actual effort to generate a good article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and never seem
    to get anything done.

  97. Yesung’s ex-gf is pretty. She looks so innocent. I like those kind of girls.=)

    Also, Shindong’s ex is so cute! She looks like a doll.

    As for Donghae Hyung and Jessica, I would not be surprised if they did became an item or if they are still, secretly.

    Ladies, SuJu have their own lives. Please don’t say things like “Oppa I hope you stay pure and innocent” or act like an obsessed fangirl. Remember lovelies, they are still human like us. Being an idol sometimes restricts their freedom in life. We all deserve freedom, we all deserve happiness. ELFs, why not be happy for them if you truly like SuJu?

    • I so agree with you and your last paragraph!

      The guys have their own lives as well. If ever they’d have their own celebrity or non-celebrity GFs, let’s just support them. Every guy in SuJu has his own type. And just because their GF is not that pretty, well it’s possible that they believe in the saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Please, as their fans, we don’t we give our respect to their hearts’ decisions and let them be. Give them their own private spaces.

  98. Jessica is not Donghae’s ex-girlfriend. And also with Eunhyuk, that’s not Hyoyeon. Wrong Info.. FYI, lots of Elfs and k-pop fans know that Super Junior & SNSD are really close & they’re good friends. To Sujus, SNSD members are like their sisters.

  99. HyoHyuk 4 ever !!!!! Eunhyuk still love Hyoyeon <3.<3.<3

  100. * yesung hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………

  101. is it true that donghae and jessica dated? O_O

  102. even theyre friends (donghae & jessica) i don’t still like them 😦 im YoonHae

  103. i hate jessica……why donghae choice jessica?.. i dont lie jessica

  104. i am really hate jessica………….
    jessica..go away for donghae’s hearts

  105. Before I posted my comment, this one, I’ve read everyone’s comments. It sadden me because as a SuJu fan, I always think of giving the guys their own private spaces esp. when it comes to those issues of love.

    Ang hindi ko ma-intindihan ay yong fact na madami ang nagagalit kapag may girlfriends ang boys. Kahit EX o rumored lng. Para kasi sa akin, respeto lng. Nirerespeto ko kong ex-girlfriend nga ni Eunhyuk si Hyoyeon (ship ko eh! xD) at hindi masyadong appealing, para sa iba, ang, sabi nga ng iba dyan, “ex-girlfriend” DAW ni Yesung. Kasi, buhay nila yan eh. “No one can hold one’s life.” Yan ang sabi ng nanay ko noong Easter. At tsaka, sana na man, ma-intindihan nating lahat na ang puso nila Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Yesung, at ang iba pang mga boys ay hindi madidictahan kong sino ang dapat nila mahalin. Sana nga lang, kong ang mapapangasawa nila ay hindi fit sa taste nyo, eh taste nyo yan. Hindi nila taste ang taste nyo. Respecto na lng please.

    Sorry nalng kong nasaktan ko kayo. Opinion ninyo yan eh. Hindi yan akin. (>.<)

  106. actually most of these info is false.

    Siwon: there are a few images/rumors that they were going out but for some reason they only show those pictures over and over again. so i don’t think that one is true. but there was that time on strong heart when they mentioned having girlfriends and most of them instantly cringed.

    Yesung: the same thing i have said about Siwon-shii. i have only seen one picture of them together and that is the picture. so false.

    Leeteuk: I have seen pictures of this girl a couple times or soo but they are different pictures. so maybe this one is true.

    Donghae: this one is a definite false! donghae has been talking about the fact that he has never ever kissed. so if he had a girlfriend it will be really weird if they didn’t even kissed once. also i had heard a story about that picture. it’s actually a picture of a look-alike that are also anti-fan of donghae and Jessica. they were trying to ruin their image. So this one is a definite no-no. to all the people who like donghae he has never dated ;).

    Shindong: i don’t think that she is an ex girlfriend. you see i thought that she was the girl that Shindong has proposed too look at strong heart for more details. (congratulations on the marriage Shindong)

    Sungmin: in all honest i’m pretty sure that this one is also false. that is because on a show it had been also said that sungmin has no girlfriends. because of what he wears (^^ a pink and white one piece dress) and also i don’t think he ever had a girlfriend because he is waiting for someone ^^.

    now there are some that i had thought that had an ex.

    Heechul: i really thought that Heechul had dated Jessica from SNSD because of the way he acts around her. there are also a few pictures.

    i hope i helped clear a few things. if you don’t believe in it that’s ok just comment. i’ll be glad to read it. 🙂

    • oops i forgot to write about eunhyuk-shii mian~

      Eunhyuk: i have never ever heard of him having an ex-girlfriend or even a girlfriend. so this i also find false he is as single as donghae

  107. hey stop getting angry about this …for donghae ..isn’t donghae said clearly to us saying that he did not kissed Jessica …. if u are their elf and u don’t belive what they said what for u like them or rather love as u all is their elf it might be very hurtful to them that they seeing u not trusting them isn’t i will belive Super junior today tomor next month next year and my whole life … i am not anti-fans like you all i am just gonna stay in a corner and encourage super junior love super junior and trust them this is what an real elf do not scolding and hurting others groups and hurting ur beloved one!

  108. […] [pic] Super Junior’s ex- GIRLFRIENDs | E.L.F.es’ Favourite – Nov 14, 2009 · haha sungmin and leeteuk broke up with their girlfriends already. This is old news actually. I’m not really sure about yesung’s one though but I know …… […]

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