ELFes Favourite Crew.. Be One Of Us


  1. Author
  2. Translator [korean to eng]
  3. Designer [banner, posters, etc]
  4. Fan Video Creator
  5. Post Promoter [promote post in other forum or sites]
  6. Super Junior’s member’s Twitter updater

we need more than one crew for each section [ especially for the author, designer and post promoter]



1.Always support Super Junior but do not spam another entertainer..

2.Do not spam ZhouMi and Henry..

3.Add ‘credits to’ or ‘adapted’ if you take any articles from any other sites..

4.Do not post the articles that already posted by another author in this site [no repeat posting]

5.Gossip are allowed..

6.For the articles contain videos, include ‘[vid]‘ at the title, same goes to pictures, [pic] and conversation, [conv]..

7.Don’t forget to include tags and categories..

8.Make sure you post at least 2 articles a week..


1. Able to translate news, cyworld [ which in korean] into english..

2. Expert in finding latest news..

3. Article must be published once it translated..


1. Creative..

2. Can create posters or banners which are different from others..

3. Posters, banners to be created will be sent via e-mail

Fan Video Creator

1. Expert in using Movie Maker..

2. Have experience in making simple movie..

3. Can create Video in short time with high quality..

5. Publish created videos in this site and then in our official Yourube account..

4. Youtube username and password will be sent later via e-mail..

Post Promoter

1. Promote our posts in other site [ eg: asianpopcorn, asianfanatics]..

2. Always write news from E.L.Fes’ Favourite at the end of the news which was adapted from here..

Super Junior’s member’s Twitter updater

1. Has both WordPress and Twitter account.

2. Used in blogging.

I think that’s all..

Leave Your Email Addree Here

Always remember that we’ll always looking foward to you to join us..

Let’s work together to PROTECT SUPER JUNIOR!!


About ღLuRVeHeeChulღ

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72 comments on “ELFes Favourite Crew.. Be One Of Us

  1. wish i can help super junior too~~

  2. ooh! I can try to help.

  3. May i’ll be Fan Video Creator

  4. i can help by designing! ^-^

  5. I would like to help you guys out with the twitter updater..

  6. also can I be with you

    I love Super Junior and I have a code of Super Junior

    And I will do them the Association of Super Junior fans

  7. In fact, I love to design a permanent

    So I would choose design

    ok …

  8. i can help you,
    I wanna be twitter updater.
    btw you can post wordpress to twitter automatically
    http://en.support.wordpress.com/publicize/ ->open this link
    hope it helps
    but if you still need twitter updater I wanna be one of them ^^

  9. hello
    I wanna help you to be post promoter
    but honestly I never post anything on that kind of site
    so maybe it’s kinda hard for me to help 😦

  10. Must the video have animated pictures???

  11. HELLO! I wanna apply as a POST PROMOTER @ Twitter! :))))

  12. i wanna help out as a post promoter^^

  13. yr welcum..
    i will start it..^^

  14. i wanna help too…
    in the designing i think i can help…

    Let me join!!!!!!!!!

  15. of coz i will help protect super junior
    lets all of us protect our super junior

  16. yeah..!!!!!! i will forever support and protect our super junior..
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  17. yeahp!!
    that’s right!!
    we will support you SUPER JUNIORS!!
    I will do that!! especially LEE SUNG MIN ne!!

  18. @heesya @christy do both of you want to join us

  19. lurveheehul, i just want to be a post promoter..it’s hard to be an author.. 😦

  20. @christy ok..No problem. I will add you as one os the post promoter. you can view your name in page Blog 1301

  21. well….
    i’m actually none of above.
    i usually put pics + songs!
    if its ok i would love to join.^_^

  22. I’d love to be one of the writers,
    I’m an ELF too and I write my asian pop music reviews on my wordpress
    I write fanfics too so I’ve got experience

    email: hatsuneshigenoi@yahoo.com

  23. picture/videos/music!^_^

  24. i’ll update the page only 4 author
    i’ll include toturials into the page too..
    just wait

  25. is that ok?(i mean my posts)^_^

  26. hello lurveheechul .
    thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    mm , of course .
    but i can only be the author .
    is that okay ?

  27. i would like to apply as a designer or a fan video creator. Not only I’m a photoshop literate but with movie maker, adobe premier and after effects.! >.<

    • I’m literate in adobe photoshop, adobe premier, adobe after effects and windows movie maker and macromedia flash too. I’m an avid fan of SUJU!

    • ok..
      you can design one and then send to me (xie_arf@yahoo.com) i would like to see how good you are?

  28. Yeah I wanna apply. I’m not fluent but I’m Korean, Japanese and English speaking so yeah, hope I get a chance.

  29. I wanna apply for designer 🙂

  30. ღLuRVeHeeChulღ , I didn’t send yet my message for the result of the contest. Sorry ne..I’m kinda busy because of our NAT and Periodical Exam. >_<

  31. i wanna apply for POST PROMOTER.
    i’ll update evryday. how’s that ? 🙂

    • where would you like to promote,??
      for now, i need someone to promote our fanclub and our new sub web, ELF Download [http://sujudownload.wordpress.com]

  32. i’d like to help as an author 🙂

  33. still open for author?
    email : patt.superjs@live.com

  34. I would REALLY love to help protect Super Junior. But how can I do that, while im at least a thousand, possibly millions of miles away from them. I’m not an expert on gossip. I would really like to meet them. Sadly, our budget isn’t good enough for me to go through seas to go see them. I really wish I could. I love them so much.

  35. I would like to apply as author or contributor.. Can I? =)

  36. i want to be authooor~~
    can i ?
    i have one fansite just for teuk in http://supertukituki.wordpress.com
    visit me first, than can i have a chance ? gomawooo~~~ ^___^

  37. i want to be post promoter…..

    here’s my email…haziwel_18@yahoo.com

    i have juxt created a blog…http://www.solidsujuelf.wordpress.com

  38. hi^^ if you’re still open for authors, i would like to join ^^ my email is smartcookieazzy@yahoo.co.nz

  39. i would really like to try out for the author, i have my own blog…….but it’s still new and growing but i have a lot of time,and i looove suju. it would make me really happy if you could pick me
    ~thank you in advance

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