HOT:What Will It Be If There No Ki Bum In Super Junior?

This is the site that I made special for those ELF and also Ki Bum’s fan..

Please leave you comments after read these..

What you think will happen if Ki Bum is no longer in Super Junior??

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29 comments on “HOT:What Will It Be If There No Ki Bum In Super Junior?

  1. super junior will be doomed

  2. Super Junior will be fine. I don’t know why he got picked in the first place..

  3. sj will be different…
    when i look back, when kibum oppa where active in sj,
    i’m sooooooo happy…!!
    but without kibum, it will not be the same…
    xwhat i feel right now is….
    i miss him, but i don’t miss him…
    sad, but not sad…
    to think that he place his acting career at higher place that suju, i feel very<600 sad..:((((

  4. I agree with Eunchan90 too.

    Super Junior is known as a 13 boy band and to continuously see only 12 members active while the one member continue to pursue his own dreams without really thinking about his own groups is sad. Kibum is not the only actor in the group, Kangin, Siwon, Heechul, and newbie Hankyung, they are also actors have been holding off scripts to promote their 3rd album. Now that is what I called ‘considerate’! Not that I am bashing on him or anything but he should take a break from acting and help Super Junior continue their activities, especially their concert!

    Love the guy too but if he really doesn’t want to be part of SJ, they’re doing fine without him too.

  5. He is better off without the burden of selfish fans + the tag of “pop idol” following him around. He will never get the respect in the actors’ circle with those. He will never be legitimized. The whole “idol” crap can only take you so far in the entertainment industry. I truly hope he is able to get the hell out of SM & just leave SuJu. For the sake of his future career.

    I’d rather he have a respectable long-lasting career (albeit sans the popularity) than have him do what he is being forced to do… which is SuJu.

    • is he really FORCED to be in suju? i don’t know. it would be different without him, but… that really depends on what he wants….

  6. no!
    suju is 13 forever

  7. suju is always 13 there’s no 12 in suju!
    i don’t care if kibum doesnt even have a part in every song in the 3rd JIB as long as kibum is there..! ^^

  8. never think any about that kind of think..

  9. well I think… suju will not be the same without him…

  10. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    hai mzta fhoe u jan


  11. ……..
    haii… =)

  12. Suju will be diffrent .
    Because suju is always 13 and forever 13 .
    And kibum is a part of them .
    and if suju is a puzzle ,
    And a part of a puzzle is lost ,
    The puzzle is never finish !

    And kibum is very important ,.
    Whatever people talk about kibum ,
    But kibum is a part of suju .
    If you an ELF you’ll be supporting kibum forever !

    Please , support him not make him feel down !

  13. There is no super junior!

    If kibum leave super junior they are will not be complete anymore

    I mean 13 is a miracle they are belong to be 13 not to be 12
    I know he not as active as the other but he is part of suju in the first place!! Besides just because he has another dream doesn’t meant he want to leave suju and as he said the one who said that he’ll leave suju is don’t believe him
    Because I believe him I know HE’LL BE PART OR SUPER JUNIOR YEONGWONHI

    He is believe in ELF
    So Why we can’t be patient and believe in him

  14. are u kidding me !!
    The wourld not just
    SUJU will be very dreary
    No oppa do n’t think
    Ever leave SUJU .

    I loOoOoOove u 4 ever
    SUJU will 13 4 EVER

    Thank u ^_^

  15. he doesn’t know how to balance his acting career and being one of the suju…
    i know he loves acting so much and that was pretty a selfish thing of him…
    he thinks of himself first than his own group, suju…

    think of it,,, if he hadn’t had any single line on suju’s third album then that’s it, he really doesn’t care about suju now.. and i don;t care if his time is hectic or what////

    i also like like him\…
    i love all the suju members but his attitude really discourages me to like him////

    anyway,, it is ALL UP TO HIM….




  17. it will be worst

  18. annyeong hasaeyo! i just read this post and this is my comment:
    no i can’t accept if Ki bum will be gone..because suju is a 13 boy band and it will always be…so if there’s no Ki bum..suju will look different…
    Ki bum oppa can’t leave the suju!
    Many ELFs will be sad if he will be gone especially me
    i love him!♥

  19. I think,all of them is important..
    Because if one of them will be gone..
    then it is no longer the “Super Juniors”..

  20. Super Junior is the best.

  21. wwoooooooww…..suju ddddddddaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbeeeeeeeessssssssstt>….

  22. iiiiii lllllovvveuuuu sssssssssjjjjjuuuu 4-eeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrrr

  23. SJ would be fine but to us fans it wouldn’t be because we are used to seeing them thirteen..

  24. Super Junior will Look creepy !! Cuz KiBUM gives impact to the group :)) hehe 😛

  25. Super Junior will not be the same ..

    They started out 13, and should end 13 too. But if it is Kibum oppa’s choice, then we ELFs would glady accept his decision, even if it would break our hearts.

    But ELFs ! Let’s not lose hope, shall we? Let’s make Teukie oppa’s dream come true! Teukie always hoped there would be a 13 member comeback before he leaves for the army, and we ELFs should support Teukie oppa’s dream 🙂

    Super Junior 13 fighting ! Saranghae SJ oppas ! ♥

  26. well..first,,kibum is not one of my favourite member..he is kind of cute..but b’cause i can barely see him..so..i don’t feel like listing him in my top 5..but the only thing i want to say is..we as ELF can say that when kibum is gone..it wouldn’t bring any different b’cause untill now..he is still focusing his acting career..but how other super junior member’s feeling..how would they feel when kibum is gone..all super junior member is their family..eeteuk never forget them..never forget to mention their name..still loving them even though they are not participating in Super junior’s activities or album..this shows how tight is their relationship..so i just wanna say..if kibum is gone..not just ELF..but other Super Junior member will feel really hurt..sad..disappoint ..

  27. if kibum is not in super junior,,
    suju will not be complete anymore
    super junior will be complete when the 13+2 members are together
    suju daebak!fighting~

  28. even kibum was x actve in sj activity but sj wuld not complete w/o him..as what donghae said, sj is more hndsome if 13 of them tgther in 1 stage..
    whtevr people outside said, as an elf,we should blieve on sj(13 and 2)
    spprt them whtevr they do..
    include hankyung..he used to be sj…

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