This page is specially opened for ELF that have any confusion regarding Super Junior

Just ask here and we’ll try to answer them

Rule :

1. Don’t ask about somathing that you think nobody can answer

2. Please be polite

3. Don’t spam

4. We also accept suggestions in this page

5. Please ask for permission if you would like to advertise anything


» What ELF stands for?

→ ELF stands for Ever Lasting Friends

» What happened to Kang In?

→ He did some crime, and was forced to go to army. Don’t worry, he’ll comeback for sure!

» Will Han Kyung comeback and join Super Junior?

→ For now, he totally out from Super Junior and SM. I don’t think he can comeback.

» Can you help me arranging Super Junior concerts/fan meeting in my city?

→ We only can help posting suggestion in Super Junior’s official site.

» Will Super Junior read our messages if we write in here?

→ We really can’t guarantee that because there’re lots of  Super Junior fansite and I don’t think they’ll be able to read all of ELF messages from all their fansites.

» LuRVeHeeChul, where you from?

→ Malaysia.

» Is it true that Ki Bum will not comeback to Super Junior?

→ Where did you hear this? Let’s keep prying so that he’ll comeback. For now, he’s busy in acting and so on. Just keep praying.

» May I have Super Junior’s address?

→ SMent’s address – 521 Apgujeong-2(i)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

→ Sukira Address: 서울 영등포구 여의도동 18번지 KBS COOLFM 슈퍼주니어의 Kiss the Radio 담당자앞 (150-790)

please write in hangul for the address

99 comments on “FAQ

  1. Hi!!

    may i ask wahat time will it be shown?

  2. what happen to kangin really? i just feel bad that he apologized and all that..really love his voice…lol..out of question

  3. i want to ask one more thing.. what e.l.f stands for?? as for the cassiopeia, from greek mitos >> a queen that brags about her beauty…but for us cassies we brag about tvxq..and wut about e.l.f? really love eun hyuk and junsu..childhood friends..friendships between junsu and eun hyuk is the most beautiful thing that i’ve ever seen…

    • ELF stand for Ever Lasting Friends..
      Super Junior is all about friendship..
      that’s why they could live in such a big family..
      and that’s why we, ELFes admire Super Junior very much

  4. wow…hountouni they are admirable…suju hwaiting!! love friendship between man..

  5. hi i have 2things to ask about:
    1_ i want to know the web site that run by kim hee chul, and if u could plz tell me the way to rigistered?
    2_ how can i send gifts to Su Ju memmbers from my Countery(Sultanat of Oman) a Gulg countory!!!????


  6. can u tell me where can i get suju’s stuff in malaysia??

  7. hey i have suggestion regarding this site…can u put a shoutbox…so that everyone who pass by here can say anything they want…thnk u^^

  8. i wanna ask u another question( u are the only person that i can ask about suju…) super junior’s 3rd album is on the 4th place in hanteo chart??-_-?

  9. hey i wanted to know if hankyung is still one of SJM’s lead dancers cos in a recent interview, he was asked to introduce the lead dancers and he sd ‘orginally it was me, donghae and henry, but now i’m too ‘old’ to dance already.’ was he joking? but if he was why would he say it at a time when they asked him to introduce the lead dancers?

    • Maybe it was because he feel shy because he was asked like that. but he still one of the lead dancer of SJM. thanks for asking.

  10. can i have an address where can i post my gift to super junior member?

  11. I try hard to send letter for leetuek super junior .
    if you know any one can help my to arrive my letter to him .
    can you please tell my.

    • i can’t really help you because i’m not in korea now.
      you can ask your korean friends.
      if you had sent the letter, and didn’t received the reply, believe me.
      lee teuk received it, but he didn’t have the time to reply.
      they are so busy.

      thanks for asking

  12. is super junior cming to singapore?
    If no cn u organise tis autograph event.
    Cuz i reali wan to c them. (:

  13. thank you for your answer.
    I have other Q
    if I go to visit korean .i will visit next month
    where is Exactly I should go to put my letter or to see them.I dident have korean friend

    • i think that if you want to give your letter to leeteuk go to their radio station sukira it’s the radio name…but i don’t know the direction or anything…that’s all that i know..but to see all of them i don’t know how you could do that.

  14. does hee chul have a special someone at this moment???

  15. i wanna send them a gift/letter.if so….can u send the address via my email?of if i want to send them a letter via net…[email:goh_zhining@hotmail.com]

  16. i have a question ….
    i want to send them a fan letter …
    if i send one and ask for an autographed picture , will they send me one ?

    • i really can’t guarantee that..

      • aww . :T
        hmm …..
        is there ANY way i could contact them ?
        cuz im not gonna stalk them or bother them .
        just like say hi , i love you , and then bye .
        simple .
        AHH .
        and one more question , when you go to a concert there , are you able to get like those ” backstage pass ” things ?
        probably not right ? errr and i saw on TV that if you go to the entertainment company , you can like give them gifts there …… that is true right ? XP

        • for the phone number, i don’t have it..
          if you still want to say hi, maybe you can post to their mini homepage.. [not so sure]
          and i don’t think they have the backstage tickets..
          if you go to their entertainment company and would like to see them, i don’t think its a good idea..the manager and the security won’t allow..
          maybe you can only leave your gifts there..

          • awwww . cuz i will do anything . just how do i say hi on their minihompys if i dont have a cy ? D:
            and im not really gonna make one ….. im not the BEST at korean . ^^ ;
            i saw on a show that fans can ask for them at the company building and give and get something … same with bigbang .

  17. hey..this is MusicBlings here.
    The last time i posted a comment here on asking for SJ’s address and send it to me via my email…how come i haven receive??If it’s possible I mean…
    It would be great if u r able to send to me…[goh_zhining@hotmail.com]:)

  18. is’t true Sj will coming at M’sia for their SSII??

  19. oh..really?!!i cant wait..tq..

  20. uhmm. can i ask if you’re also a filipino?

  21. um if i wish to contact one of the super junior members
    how would i do so?
    i.e. do they have an email adress? if so what is it? and if not then what other ways can i contact them from Australia?

  22. erm…actually,song of sorry2 answer, whether there is any other super junior member sing a dat song??

  23. whats the official website of suju? is there any other way to send them an email?

  24. oh another question,
    i wanna send them a letter.if so….can u send the address via my email? email:fruits_baskets_freak@hotmail.com

  25. can you send me super junior’s individual emails? i would really like to send them one. 🙂

  26. i know this will sound weird but can i ask about:
    my post shows as a whole on the home…how did you do those “continue reading this entry” thing….
    did you get what i mean?
    sorry if i’m too ignorant… i really wnna know…

  27. what will i do? so im fan video creator

  28. who won fav korean artist in MTV award ’09??
    sory that is too late…

  29. it’s true SJ will come to M’sia this march??

  30. Can you please email me their address… i really want to send a message to them or something. I mean if you can. I really just want to say hi and that i love them and will continue to support them. (go2christine@hotmail.com)

  31. my turn^_^
    do you have a cyworld?

  32. hi erm how do you call in to super junior’s kiss the radio??caz when i was watching some parts of their kiss the radio video i saw that they were talking to people from foreign countries how do you do that?
    btw can u send me super junior’s address through email?i sear i will not stalk them or anything juz wanna send a letter.my email address is siaoapple@msn.com!ty.

  33. hi!!! can i know the favourite motto of super junior members??

  34. is it true kibum want to leave super junior?
    or dont want to perform with the rest anymore?
    lately he busying with acting n so on n not spending time with Suju anymore..why? is he hv problem with the members??

    • ki bum didn’t join the last super show cause of his leg injury..
      but he promised to join the 4th alubum..but he turned up to break da promise..
      i don’t understand what he’s up too..
      hee chul and si won also busy with acting but they still give their best attention to the group..
      but, i hope suju will be 13 again..
      just like other ELF

  35. I want to change the subscrition to my another email as I want to close my current email account.How?Can I unsubscribe for the current one and subscribe using my new email acount?

    • first, unsubscribe the old mail by clicking one click unsubscribe at the bottom of each mail you received..just click at any of them..then, click subscribe at my site again by filling the new email address

  36. Why suju choose sapphire blue?

  37. Project Help Me Go Home: We ♥ the stars!

    Would you like to show your support for your idols and at the same time give in to charity? Well, here’s the chance!

    Who are we
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    Our Product

    We are currently selling straw heart pins of different colours at $1 each, with all proceeds going to the cause. All straw heart pins are handmade by us and each single one of them is filled with the love and care we feel for the patients.

    The Mechanics
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    We really need your help and hope that you would be able to support us in this humble attempt to give back to the society.

    Thank you.


  38. I created an illustration of Heechul yesterday, and it was supposed to be my personal tribute for his birthday 🙂 Just curious if there’s anywhere I can post the fan art so possibly other elfs can see and enjoy?
    Thanks ♡

  39. Dear 13flowerboys.wordpress.com,

    I am a staff from Maerong Radio and we are hosting a contest to give away Super Junior Vol. 4 – Bonamana (Repackage) album on July 31st. After visiting your blog and seeing how up to date it is with the Super Junior, I would like to ask if it is possible for sup3rjunior.wordpress.com to write a post about our contest.

    We would also be interested in helping you conduct any event/contest in the future that might require the use of an online radio. For example, we can host a show for during our live dj time and have your staff come on air to speak on the radio regarding any events. If this interests you or if you have other suggestions, please feel free to contact me via admin@maerongradio.com

    Thank you

  40. Hello,this is my first time.I want to ask you one question :”will Hangeng ge leave SJ forever?” Wish u will reply me.thx alot.bye

  41. Hello please help me spread this blog

    & Share this to every ELF you know

  42. hi ..
    PLEASE help me!!!
    I love super junior more than anything in the world..
    BUT.. I can’t buy their stuff… and i can’t buy their magazines…
    we don’t have SuJu stuffs in my country 😦 😦 (Sultanat of Oman)
    and i can’t meet them and i can’t send fan massegs or gifts…
    what can i do~??!
    PLEASE tell me what i can do~??!
    😦 I’m very SAD!! 😥

  43. BIG THANKS TO YOU Lurveheechul 🙂
    😉 😉 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

  44. I am just wondering do u know the website for the UFO reply?

  45. everybody says kibum will join in 5th album
    but he didn’t !!
    why they didn’t give him a one chance to sing again 😦
    i like him more as a singer in sj not as actor
    i don’t mean that he’s not good at acting
    but i want to see him again singing T^T” i miss him a lot a lot a lot :(((((

  46. I’m inlove with Super Junior. Can you tell me: will super junior come to malaysia 2014 and where usually the venue of Suju doing fan meeting. I want to send them gift but I don’t know how.. Please help me. Do you have a twitter? You can contact me on twitter.

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